Social Tomorrow Night (3rd April)


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Hi All,

Anyone in London tomorrow night (3rd April) is invited to come and have a drink at the Green Man Pub opposite Great Portland St tube. Any time between 6pm and 11-30 pm. Go to the downstairs bar and turn to your left.

It's very informal and friendly and it would be great to meet anyone who wants to come. If you need any more details send me a message.

I'll be the one in jeans, dark blue shirt and white camisole. I have dark hair and I'm 5ft 5 and I'll speak to anyone :)

Thanks Helen, I'll try to make it - might bring a friend along who I know works near there. Hopefully they'll have sorted out the underground by tomorrow evening because today there's been no met or circle line service all weekend and today so I'm told.
Hi Helen.

I'll be there, complete with the mobile to check the footy scores.

For anyone who wants to avoid me, my picture is on the Photos board.

Hope to see you there.
Great to meet all you guys n gals at last...... Strange bunch that TMF crew eh Ftse? :)
Hi all.

Good to see you all last night, and great to put faces to names. :)

Some TMF are strange - Some even deal in Fundimentals ;) , but I'm half TMF so I suppose, I'm half strange :D
Hi all,

Really great to meet you last night. Weeze and I managed to get on the wrong train and ended up in Stevenage!! Doh!

Hardly surprising, what with all the booze you two were hitting, and all those handsome guys putting your mind off concntrating on getting home.....Talking of which, didn't FTSE say he lived in Stevenage? :)
Great to meet everyone last night, and get some positive feedback on the website.