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Hi Folks,

Below is an email I received from CBOT.

May be useful to some of you who compare cbot quotes to cmc etc.

The Mini Dow itself is considered by many as too illiquid to be a useful trading vehicle when compared to Dax, Eurostoxx50, and E-Mini Futures.

CBOT DowÒ News and Highlights: August 26 – August 30, 2002

· The CBOT mini-sized Dow ($5) contract continued in its strong growth phase in August, with daily volume averaging 8,750 contracts for the month, a solid 65 % higher than during its initial launch month this past April. Volume totals and growth during the first five months of trading for the mini-sized Dow ($5) are very similar to that experienced by other successful contracts.

· The CBOT will launch a new and enhanced website for in the 2nd half of September. The new site will feature significantly upgraded information and resources, including:

· FREE real-time Dow futures quotes

· FREE real-time CBOT mini-sized Dow market depth (“the book”)

· FREE futures tutorial

· FREE CBOT mini-sized Dow trading simulator

· CBOT mini-sized Dow brochure

· CBOT mini-sized Dow benefit sheets

· Dow complex electronic newsletter

· Dow complex contract specifications

· Dow complex product overview

· Dow complex reference guide

· Latest Dow news headlines

· Economic Calendar

· Dow basic strategy articles

· Dow advanced strategy articles

· CBOT mini-sized Dow FAQs

· Trading glossary

· Links to trading resources

· Links to the Dow trading “community”


· The CBOT announced a fourth quarter 2002 exchange fee waiver for all participants in Dow Jones stock index products as well as pricing adjustments for 2003. These pricing adjustments play an integral role in the Exchange’s ongoing efforts to develop the Dow Jones product complex. Volume in the complex year to date is up more than 43% from 2001 levels. Details at:,1493,10+24+109+8534,00.html

· Additionally, the Board of Trade Clearing Corporation (“BOTCC”) has also elected to waive BOTCC clearing fees for Dow products for the 4th quarter of this year

· The CBOT announced that on Wednesday, September 11, the Exchange will delay the opening of the Dow complex until 10:00 a.m. Chicago time, and will observe minutes of silence on its trading floors at 7:46 a.m. and 9:29 a.m. These revised trading hours are in recognition of the first anniversary of the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. Open auction stock Dow products will open at 10:00 a.m. and close at their normal times of 3:15 p.m. Electronic Dow futures and options ($10 multiplier) will open at their normal times of 8:15 p.m. and close at their normal times of 7:00 a.m. Electronic $5 and $2 mini-sized Dow futures will be suspended at 7:00 a.m., resume trading at 10:00 a.m. and trade until their normal close times of 4:00 p.m.

20-Day Moving Average Report, mini-sized ($5) Dow Futures Contract

Week Ending
20-Day Moving Average Volume

May 17

May 24

May 31

June 7

June 14

June 21

June 28

July 5

July 12

July 19

July 26

August 2

August 9

August 16

August 23

August 30

CBOT Volume and Open Interest Report: August 26 – August 30

Ave. Daily Traded
Open Interest*

$5 Electronic

$10 Open Auction

$2 Electronic

$10 Electronic

* as of August 29, 2002

** included in $10 Open Auction

Volatility Comparison: August 26 – August 30

Ave. Daily $ Change in Price

Ave. $ High/Low Range

Electronically Traded:

Mini-sized Dow ($5 Mult.)

Mini-sized Dow ($2 Mult.)

Open Auction:

Dow ($10 multiplier)


The CBOT Dow equity complex offers a margin structure that is competitive to other U.S. stock index futures contracts. Current Dow margins are:

Stock Index Group
Maintenance Margin (per contract)
Initial Margin (per contract)

Dow ($10 multiplier)



Mini-sized Dow ($5 Mult.)



Mini-sized Dow ($2 Mult.)



For more margin information and updates go to:,1398,13+49,00.html"

Obviously an attempt to increase volumes on these $5 and $2 mini-sized Dow futures, can anyone tell me what spread IB give on these ?

IB only shows what’s there – no manipulation like in spread betting.

$2 mini Dow has normally very wide spread – around 20 ticks – due to a small volume.

I would not recommend scalping $2 mini Dow – longer time-frame is OK for learning only.

$5 mini Dow has slightly better spread – around 5 ticks normally – larger volume.

I like trading it – but have to be on the ball – moves can be fast and furious – fast gains/fast loses.
The S&P 500 E-Mini's are one tick spread so why trade the Dow?

It's just that there are a number of people here who are currently into the Dow but as you say there's a 5pt spread so the S&P mini (or Euro Stoxx 50 mini) would be a better.

However, if the volumes on the $5 Dow increase the spread will fall (with a bit of luck) and that seems to be the point of all this free access.

Why not trade the mini S&P ?

Because I can't afford to go in for $50 a point (at the moment). Lets hope the $5 Dow becomes more popular.
Sorry but $50 per point on the S&P emini and $5 per point on the Dow is about the same, given that the Dow is at roughly 10 times the S&P.

It also means trading the Dow you pay twice the costs in spread $25 opposed to $12.50

To me it's a no brainer....

It doesn’t really matter what you trade – if the setup is there – take it.

Trading Dow can be fun too – it is full of under funded newbies eager to play with the futures (lambs to the slaughter).

Either of you tried euro stoxx mini that HelenQ was looking into ?

What do u think, like the idea of a 1pt spread
JonnyT said:
Sorry but $50 per point on the S&P emini and $5 per point on the Dow is about the same, given that the Dow is at roughly 10 times the S&P.

It also means trading the Dow you pay twice the costs in spread $25 opposed to $12.50

To me it's a no brainer....


Good maths JT
regards :rolleyes:
Im not sure who you trade with but the YM is only 1 tick spread some times 2, but usually just 1 tick. and as for the s&p $50 a point is on the big contract pit traded. you can trade the mini s&p for $25 a tick based on .25 moves so for a full 1 point move is $100.a full point move on pit traded is $500. You sure you not basing you price on spreadbetting are you.