London - The City /CanaryWharf Traders Social

yes sure Mr P Diddy....i hope u r not losing sleep over it ... after all it was a massive five pound bill..:cheesy:

but thanks again as i need to get in the habit of carrying cash...

You can bring some swing signals, i'll take that as good as cash :) (top FX signal provider)
see you all on the 12. also a big thank you to mr pipnator for being a great help . you are a legend and we need more people like you.

looking forward to meeting you and everyone else.

my first message and i am really excited to be part of the trade to win comunity.
hey kreme ...glad you joined trade to win and glad you find my mish mash theories usefull.....looking forward to meeting you too....

time wise i am thinking around 6:30....

calling all stations to putney...who else is on board ....just received confirmation, drinks are on mr P Diddy...
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calling all stations to putney...who else is on board ....just received confirmation, drinks are on mr P Diddy...

lol .. me I still haven't made back my losses .. still down huge .. all credit cards maxed out.. Amex got a hit man after me..

But I heard you caught 1000+ pips last week during the big dollar rally and the new 911 Turbo is being delivered next month..
its a bit tricky getting there as its in putney wharf behind some buildings, so pls do google it before

making your way there............also all the lost ones can call me incase in need of direction

07917377242 ...

see you guys tommorow
Hey Pip

Great night Friday, it was a good turnout and I always enjoy a chance for a good drink (even in Putney!). Thanks for organising it, looking forward to the next one (maybe closer to the city?)

glad you could make it...i had a really good time too. will find out from the dadesitrader about the next meetup ...anywhere in the city sounds good to me.

Hi Everyone,

Apologies, as I have been quite busy lately. I am thinking of merging our meetup with a bigger one. Prolly most of you already go to that one (setup via meetup website). We will keep this thread for now, incase demand builds up for Canary wharf / Inner City meetup locations.

Alternatively we can pursuade other (bigger) meetup organisers to switch to CW/City locations.

Will keep you all posted. Although, always up for a few pint with usual suspects (pipnator/donald/aviator).