Next Traders Day


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Hi all,

I'm just beginning to think about the next one. I think January (probably the 11th out of preference but I haven't checked the venue availability out yet).

As a first step in the organisation, I am going to send out a mail to those who attended/presented last time asking for potential contributors to the sessions and outlining the format based on the feedback from last time.

Basically the point of this post is to ask if anyone who didn't come last time (and consquently isn't on my mailing list) would want to receive the mail I'm sending out, can you mail me over the weekend to give me your addy. I will probably send the mail out on Monday/Tuesday.

Cost will probably be £20 again unless prices have risen. I think we will need to keep the numbers at the 40 max mark.
Hi all,

I have sent the mail out this morning. If you haven't received it then you are not on my contact list. Please mail me if you want to be included.
Hi all,

Just 12 places are now left on the Traders Day on January 11th at Newman College in Birmingham.

The day starts at 9am with a presentation by Dave Baker on his Pfscan software (there will be another chance to attend this at 4-45pm but spaces are limited to 10 at each session). Dave will also be about during breaks to talk about his program.

People who have already agreed to speak are:

Roger Moffatt – Speradbetting the Dow with D4F
Peter Griffiths – Trading UK stock options using TA
Mike Gaunt – Trading Index Futures using Direct Market Access and Spreadbets
Mike Diplock – Trading Futures Using Systems
Mark Williams – Trading US Stocks with Spreadbets
John Wright – Trading the trends – tools and methods

I still need one more 45 min speaker and 4 more 15 min speakers, so I’ll be giving preference to those who can contribute something to the day. It is a very friendly group so there is nothing to be scared of :), honest, trust me.

Cost is £20 for the day, which includes Tea, Coffee and Lunch. This includes a £5 donation to the British Heart Foundation. It is a not for profit event.

If you would like to come please e-mail me :

[email protected]
Hi all,

6 places left now. Both of Dave Bakers sessions are now full but he assures me he'll be around all day being generally helpful anyway :)