This Weeks Comp


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Hi Sharky,

Sorry to be a pain but I tried to close my short last night at +£300 and it hasn't closed :-(
Yes, I noticed the Pending flag, and failure to close has cost you a good position.

The bugs are winning

sorry those bugs are a killer and should have been fixed by now, looking at it right now, so fingers crossed should be fixed in an hour or so. Also would like to start a thread about improvements to the competition which will take palce alongside the 2002 makeover scheduled for the end of this month/ start of feb. Let me know what you'd like to see. At last we can offer some prizes of free books to the winner, more details coming soon.
Fixed the bugs! Wasn't updating the status of each position properly. Should be able to close properly now, but let me know if theres any more probs. Thanks!
Cograts Helen, tough luck Dave. Count youself both lucky I made MONI a long by mistake :)