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Sharky, EK1,

I feel bad about this weeks Dow Comp win 2+2 double up on Points awarded . As you can see my prediction was 10,620 , which was the same as ...Windowsill.... who clearly entered his prediction earlier in the week. Could you please award Windowsill with the double up as this is only fair.

Suggestion for future Dow Comp entries. Would it be possible to alter the programme to ensure no Two entrants can have the exact same price ?

Regards C V
Hi CV,

Sorry for delay in replying - I'll fix the scores this afternoon, as you say seems the right thing to do considering he put in the predicition earlier. But, you're right, we need to stop people from using the exact same price - otherwise equally it's unfair to you if you get it right, then realise someone else has predicted the same. I'll get on to that to.

Dow comp week ending 27/1/06

I'm a bit confused as to why leovirgo has not won the competition. It looks like he should have won 10 points for his excellent prediction 0f 10910 yet the score comes up as "-".
That's because he cheated and put his entry in on Sat! Grrrrr!!!

So, that makes you the rightful winner frugi - well done! :D