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Chew An Bite- I bet you wished the dow comp finished today..... Still, it may yet finish there on Friday. You'll be the first to get double ten on the trot I think.... Needless to say , I'm gonna ramp it up tomorrow with some big stakes... :cheesy:
Hi ChartMan

Although I do not believe in luck it was a lucky guess

I thought you prediction was a little high as the markets are still nervouse and players are taking profits thus pulling back rallies.

Thank you for your tip I will be selling and happy to take your money :)

You do have a lot of teeth.
For me, it's a clear target. The problem is when. Catch Sadam tomorrow and we'll be there.Yes, as usual , it's optimistic, timewise.We'll see.But not this week I fear. :cheesy:
I see you did in fact rob me blind today.
Thanks for the new extension

Tommor is another day though.

To be serious for a moment, reading through some of the posts I do not think there is one trading style to suit everyone.

I admire you for the help you give people in some of your replies,

keep up the good work
Can see this getting a bit tactical now. (What with the closeness of your two predictions, Charty & Chewy). Guess the way to go is to have in mind your prediction but to be the last one to enter it on the first day so as you gain maximum error either way.
Congratulations! Spot on.
I agree, But I feel obliged to post reasonably early, so that I am not baised by what you have pointed out and poeple can't say I'm hedging my bet in light of other opinions.
Who's Charty & Chewy?
It would be more prudent to set the estimates on 50 point boundaries, and if there is a tie, make the winner the person that posts the earliest.
If the concensus feel that's a good move, we'll try and get it adopted......
Believe it or not, I had considered 8599 :cheesy:
Thats a good idea Chartman (Charty). Predictions rounded to 50 pts with whoever posts first taking the spoils. I'm sure juanbyte (Chewy / chew & bite) will agree. (Only joking with the nick names chaps).
Lets see if we can get it adopted.
Stewards inquiry on last weeks comp I reckon for the bonus points. I'm sure slippy had 8558 whilst I had 8600. With a competition close of 8583 that makes me closest.

(Not going for the 5 pts this week Chartman ?)
I forgot- I had a family weekend doing the garden, fixing FTSE Beaters PC :( Cat Napping. Just woke up to read that I've forgotten the Comp. Where do you think I should pitch my guess?
I'm now admitting to cheating. I see 8525 has held so I'm going for the channel breakout.
Be careful with "Charty"- I think there is another member with that name....
8525 is definately key - But will it hold till Friday ?
4 pts for you if it does.
5 pts for me if it does not.
Hi all,
I don't think there is any need to set 50pt blocks!
Choosing precise targets is part of the skill of the game in my opinion. It shows that you have a more precise understanding of the key levels of the market. This is a key skill for a trader to develop. You do not trade from 50pt blocks you trade from specific pivots.(or some people do!)

You may say this is pure luck but then why are some people consistently near the top of the comp? So I am in favour of keeping the present rules!


PS 10 pts for me when it ends the week just under 500 :)
Hi Bullish Bear,

Just as well I got in with a tactical 21 pts below your forecast. I fancied just under 8500 too so gave you 21 pts grace. I see your 5 pts in front of me. However, I'm awaiting the outcome of a stewards inquiry on last weeks result. It closed at 8583 and I had 8600 but I did not get the 'Brucie Bonus'.

Good luck.
Who won?????

Me woohoooooo

What do I win

I'm gonna get me some going out teeth.
I wondered how long it would take for the vultures to start crowing :cheesy:
Well don that man, AGAIN.
Well done juanbyte, we gave you a run for the title of 'Winner' but you managed to see us all off.