Dow Comp

It was a very close competition with four members each with 20 points at the end of the four week:

With the rules as they stand - (from top to bottom)

1. Winner will be member who has been most consistent - ie they have accrued points in the most weeks
2. Winner will be member who's lowest point week is greater than other members.
3. Winner will be the member who hasn't previously won the competition.
4. Winner will be the one who has been a member of T2W the longest.

tradesmart wins as the oldest member, dunlop narrowly comes second with an equally consistent record of 5 points for each of the four week, and then followed by dc2000 and cardinal.

Good luck to eveyone for this month's competition that begins today.
It's not considered an unfair advantage being an old dunce/duffer is it............?!........ :confused:
Could be....! - I subscribe to the Mike Hailwood school of trading - flat out on the straights, well cranked over on the bends........sometimes up in the air.........!

ps - couldn't resist a tribute post to the great man....... :cheesy:


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Well done TS
Once again consistancy winning over us one shot wonders
Hey! TS

When I was a kid, I lived just round the corner from Mike Hawthorn.....
Hey CM...!.....and John Surtees is worthy of a mention............ ;)

you've got me going now........... :cheesy:

DC - After today's action, I suspect that your entry is going to come up trumps this week......