Bullish Bear

A couple of points
How come you get a Tshirt in the portfolio competition and nothing for the dow comp?
(having won the Dow comp for the last two months I am a little disgruntled)
Can we have something like the World Cup. IE that if you win three times in a row, or just three times, you get a prize?
Nothing to do with me chasing a three in a row this month :)
Maybe because the DOW comp is really just a guessing game... or am I being too cruel?
Chartman i am surprised at you!

If the dow competition is a guessing game then what is the trading game.
With all due respect I think you are showing your predudice for extremely short term trading.
Seeing your last weeks guess on the dow and how close you were surely you must appreciate that TA skills are used in picking a likely level!
Yes in short term trading you can change your mind at a moments notice on failure of TA patterns.
But I would suggest that it is just as important to keep in mind medium and long term trends and TA patterns.
All though you can get information overload it is surely good to keep things in perspective!
Therefore to win the dow comp I would suggest is a greater accheivement because you have to commit yourself so far in advance, and some are not able to compete on a minute to minute basis.

I call therefore for an equal footing for both!

Yours stung :)

OK I concede. The luck bit came from my part in guessing the likely effect of the war on the price. You're right, geting the price correct 1 week in advance is an excellent achievement, even more so as you got it 3 weeks in a row. My pick was indeed a luck guess, as is this week's attempt. As you know I picked up, purely on the basis that the war has to succeed. If there is a disaster, let's say the Galahsd gets mined in the approaches to Umm Kasar,then it'll tank like a brick....
Hi Cman
thanks for conceding gratiously!
however I think you are being too self depricating.
8500 is a key level below which signals a continuing downtrend, above which we have the real potential of a change in major trend. Im sure you had that in mind and had some signal to suggest this possibility.
Ive had a good run recently in a predictably trending market.
I look forward to the continual matching of wits and prediction in the coming difficult weeks.
I see the two comps as having a complimentary element that bring out appreciation of TA in different timeframes and so should be rewarded in equal ways
I actually took my cue from the EOD charts. This showed me the action following a violent rise off a bottom that had good similarity to last weeks action. This was back in early October. 8 days of sustained rise from 7200 to 8200. That in turn has led me to the prediction this week of down trend resistance at 8750 ish. I believe in "history repeating itself".....
I'm sure we can come up with a suitable prize - in the past the consensus has wanted a tshirt, or some such thing (mug, baseball cap?) - rather than a free trading book. Would be interested to hear members thoughts for a suitable prize.

Paul, I think a tarding related prize would attract more players. To be honest, a lot of the younger lot wouldn't be seen dead in a t-shirt with 'trade2win' on it, - no offense. I'd personally prefer a trading book or some playstation games muwahhahahh
To be honest, a lot of the younger lot wouldn't be seen dead in a t-shirt with 'trade2win' on it, - no offense.
You speak for yourself - I wear mine with pride, and I don't class myself as old...........well not just yet. ;)
They don't need books, all the info is on this bb. :)
Well done to the DOW winners, and bad luck to me for predicting the war would be over by the end of this week :( Next week then...
Maybe not Chartman, but the much feared 'Battle of Baghdad' should go extremely well, if - like me, you believe the stock market can predict world events. I've certainly bought meself some large wad of Dow and FTSE futures today - which by the end of the week will be more expensive than they are now. Nice daytrading thread by the way.

I would suggest a prize that traders in the city would go for. So 5 free dances at Spearmint Rhinos should do it.