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At the risk of stirring up a real hornets nest I want to get some views on the T2W book. I have tried to avoid reading too much of the history so I can approach this with a fresh pair of eyes.

Comments have already been made on the CC thread about sorting stuff out and this is another thing that can't carry on in its present form. I'm going to work through it in the next few weeks but I wondered what your thoughts are right now.

Have any of you actually read it? What works and what does not work?
There are other questions as well but I think i'll see how the discussion develops before moving down any particular avenue.

I'm keen that we get this right so if you want an input to the next version this is the opportunity to do so.


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I haven't read it, I saw Guy Cohen was a contributor (secret nazi box Cohen that is) and that was enough for me.

I'd say bin it, it's an embarrassment to T2W.

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Its probably putting the cart before the horse.

The main criticism of the book has focused on one of the contributors, Guy "Nazi Box" Cohen, although to be fair, there are one or two other contributors with rather tarnished reputations.

That's the problem Steve, for all anyone knows you might want to be the sort if forum that promotes the secret nazi box, we simply don't know, because you haven't told us, and its becoming increasingly clear the staff and moderators don't have a clue either.

Barjon probably let the cat out of the bag earlier today with his comment about keeping threads that where popular. Is that actually going to be your strategy, simply to ask people what they like and keep whatever's popular !

For the record, I have not read the t2w book, I post simply to point out the main objection and criticism, although if you read a little deeper, there's a lot more to it than that.
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You might want to ask why trader33 found it necessary to comment in the way he did. That's a large part of the problem that you might have, or a large part of the solution to the problem that you don't have depending on your perspective and plans for the zoo.

Since no one seams to have a clue what your objectives are I can't comment further.


Well that is because "All is known in advance"

the hare

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Kat Devlon the 'trading goddess' was another contributor. Google her.


It's like shooting fish in a barrel. What ever where they thinking.

But the point still remains, maybe this is precisely the sort of thing they want to promote. Clearly it was historically, and for all we know, maybe it still is. We simply don't know.

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I read it all and thought there was a lot of effort by the editor.

I thought one of the contributors was really good :cheesy:
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