The stockmarket Has A Secret


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Has any body any info or the method used on a system that is advertised that apparently makes one trade a month on the ftse future, which has a good track record?


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If I sign over my house can I have the secret....they don't call me "chump" for nothing ...LOL

I adopted this username as a constant reminder that a fool and his money are easily parted.



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friend Tomorton, from what i can gather is that there is a system in the domains of trading which uses an end of month or a near end month buying strategy using the ftse futures to trade it , has anybody ever had this slip through their doormat/or ears?


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Adalat - I think from the posts so far you can probably determine the following :

1. No-one has heard of the secret.
2. No-one believes in "secrets" anyway.


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he that hath a secret to keep must keep it secret in order that he hath a secret to keep. !


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THANK you gentlemen, wise men and veterans of the stockmarket arena, if i discover what i am after, i will let you all know , in the meantime may the trend be with you.


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Here is a piece on the importance of Money management that I saved over a year ago. The web site has since ceased. If there is a "secret" in Trading it is to be found in Money Management

"The underlying concept is, that we cannot accurately predict our own performance, and as we cannot influence how the markets will behave, we should at least exercise control over those variables that we have actually control of. And that is the risk that we as traders take when entering a position.

NO set of indicator rules will ever make money in futures trading. So forget about fractals, alligator, turtles, waves, cycles, etc.
The best these and ALL other indicators, including Moving averages and Breakouts, will do is make you break-even and at worst blow your account.

The KEY is in your Risk and Money Management.

Combined with sound risk and money management I could even reverse the above statement: "ANY set of indicators rules will make money in futures trading."

Choose a CLEAR, TREND following indicator. One that an 8 year old could tell you whether it is long or short. ONLY trend following indicators will work. If you have to think for more than 1 second whether it is long or short, it isn't clear enough.
Stick to 1 indicator in 1 time frame. NEVER pay any money for other people's systems. They will NOT work.

ENTRY: Decide on whether you want to use Reversals or retracements. I recommend reversals.

RISK Management:
Trading only 1 contract at a time will cause you to FAIL !!!
Make sure you are well capitalized. This is not a game for those who are not.

The only way to win at futures trading is for you to be larger (have more positions) when you are right and less positions when you are wrong.

Maintaining the same number of contracts for each trade will cause you to FAIL.
Varying contract size is the MOST important thing you must do, if you want to be successful."

Hope this is helpful
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