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We all know emotion can be the devil in your trading career. Often, it is emotion based decisions that keep people from even having a trading career longer than a few months. While emotion often has you buying signals way after a move higher in price which is likely near resistance which almost ensures a losing trade, there is another culprit that leads to the same losing behavior in trading. It is the misuse of indicators and oscillators.
Understand that the movement in price in any and all free markets is a function of the pure laws and principles of supply and demand. Opportunity exists when this simple and straight forward relationship is out of balance, period. What most people don’t understand is that when you ignore a governing dynamic that has been around longer than man has walked the earth, you are almost guaranteed a losing trading strategy. You can spend a lifetime attempting to come up with the perfect set of indicators and oscillators with the perfect set of inputs...

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Interesting that a technician would discuss supply and demand without discussing volume (or in the case of forex pairs, tick data)....


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Very good article explaining how to intelligently use indicators at predetermined zones of support and resistance.

Author should have included discussion on the importance of being very patient and disciplined to wait for these potentially high probability setups and of using volume/tick data (as referred above) as an additional important filter.


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Trading Rule. 3 reasons 1. Supply or Demand Zone

2. Any indicator

3. Any Indicator


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Using indicators and oscillators

As a newbie trader I found this article very interesting. Of course I have come across the concept of buying at support and selling at resistance in my reading and had read about the use of oscillators and indicators but had never really married the two ideas in my head. This will be an invaluable concept as I begin my trading career.



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this so clear. worth looking into
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