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Most traders are glued to indicators and oscillators and that’s ok if you use them correctly. The issue is that many traders take each conventional buy and sell signal an indicator or oscillator produces and that can lead to trouble. For those new to trading, the following information should provide a good foundation of an understanding of how to properly use oscillators, if you’re going to use them at all.
To illustrate my points, I will use the Commodity Channel Index (CCI). This is certainly not because CCI is my favorite oscillator; I don’t use any indicators or oscillators in my trading at all. The goal in trading is to achieve the lowest risk, highest profit margin, and highest probability entry point into a trade. The only way to achieve this is proper market timing. At Online Trading Academy, we use our foundation Supply and Demand strategy to time the markets turning points in advance. Today, however, let’s add oscillators to the mix as some traders really...
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Timing Entries

The problem with only using timing studies for entries is that the market can move a very long way in a very short space of time, so even if you are only slightly out, a large move could still bust you.

I would have prefered to see an article from you on those timing methods rather than one about indicators that you don't use.

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