The FTSE 100 index is now back to where it was in December 1999.


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Hello everyone,,
The type of industry that dominates the FTSE 100 are large mature businesses in a world of tepid growth.
There are two reasons why equity investments have done well recently: 1) recovery from the 2008 crisis, and 2) performance of the US stock market. And within the S&P 500, only a handful of companies have out-performed.
If it wasn't for Amazon, Apple, Facebook, etc., the US stock market would be at 1999 levels too.
This isn't a bad thing, it would be unsustainable if stock markets literally went up 10% year-on-year for no real reason, even if that would make everyone's life easier.
But don't forget dividends. 20 years of 4% dividends, if re-invested, would turn £10,000 into £20,000. More realistically, if you had started with £10,000, added £1,000/year, even if the index stays level, with the addition of dividends, you'd end up with: £52,000 for "only" £30,000 invested.
TL;DR - don't avoid the stock market just because of headline numbers that look flat.
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with respect the FTSE100 index is nothing like it was in is merely a similar numeric value

go look at the companies in the 100 vs 1999......the sector dynamics etc ....totally different ballgame dude

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thread title:

The FTSE 100 index is now back to where it was in December 1999. (Log scale)

Yeah baby, in nominal terms. Gone nowhere fast for 20 years. Somebody here mentioned that the companies within the FTSE however are sooooo much further along than back in 1999. Agreed! Stage 3 Cancer.

But in real money terms it is truly in the toilet. For this we must go to the Fibo measure of substance, FTSE priced in ounces of Gold, the only true measure of real value, baby.


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Learn amigos learn, learn before its too late. The lot of you are killin me every damn day :):):) I get killed, banned, expelled, excommunicated. Never a dull day or nite in London town.

God, do I love it so!

Behold the mighty Dow Jones priced in Gold.

Do you see now why the year 1999 mentioned by the op has such stratospheric significance?



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Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Their ship is half submerged but they go on like they've not noticed and the band keeps playing on like there's no tomorrow and all the while even their Sterling is crashing. Their HOUSING is so preposterous but they keep the facade. All this tells me taht BEAR has not YET delivered the death blow. I believe it will come in the 3rd of Wave 3 ................ yet to come down the road apiece. It will be the point of recognition that indeed the Empire's time is finally and there will be no iffs ands or buts, it will be stunningly clear.

Help them Father. They don't deserve what's coming their way.
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