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We’ve all heard pundits refer to the first ten years of the new millennium as the “lost decade.” Folks who invested in a stock-index fund such as the DIAMONDS Trust Series ETF (DIA) at the beginning of 2000 and held it through December 31, 2010 saw a gross return of around zero. Factor in inflation and the real return drops to around minus 3% per year. In other words, cash was king and it would have been better to keep your money in bonds or in the bank.
Some experts, including Martin Pring author of a new book entitled Investing in the Second Lost Decade (McGraw Hill, 2012), believe that with high levels of debt, persistent high unemployment rates and economic turmoil around the globe, that there is a good chance that we will see another lost decade into the 2020s. Suffice it to say that this is not the kind of trading environment that gets a bull (like me) who eagerly awaits the next big rally, very excited.
So what are safety-conscious traders and active investors who...

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how to find such a company in thounds stocks.

Run a stock screen such as Zacs & AAII in the US or Sharelockholmes & Stockopedia in the UK (there's are loads out there). There are plenty of standard filters including high yielders on all those sites but better still is to build your own filter around your prefered criteria. My preference is for divi stocks with ten years dividend growth and positive projected dividend growth plus some EPS growth with high beta. My personal filter (UK stocks) outperformed the index by 16% over the past year - excluding 3.3% divi. You get the best of high yield plus a bit of growth but it also give peace of mind in so far as all stocks have solid fundamentals. You can mess around with criteria to include things like 12 month positive relative strength or five tears consistant turnover growth or low debt to profit ratio etc. The options are endless, so have some fun and make some money.
btw, playing with stock screen filters really does make you focus on improving your fundamentals education.


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Good piece

Predicting Dividend Yields is an interesting strategy .........wish I had the spare capital to do it

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