The BOSE method

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Jun 18, 2011
HI There
Just wondering if anyone else has encountered the BOSE Method (Best Option Strategy Ever) from David Bunney?
I've been playing with it for a few months now and it seems fairly robust, was just wondering if I'm missing anything and whether there are any serious pitfalls.

David Knight

Active member
Aug 20, 2017
But why wouldn't you ask that question before you spent $47 ? Then agan, at that price does it really matter if it's all a load of S..T?

Why not ask the publishing co if they saw his accounts.. or can anyone just write a book?

Just wondering why you would sign up 6 years ago, and use your first ever post to get everything so completely ass backwards.

Or should I just be more cynical instead?

Have you tried asking the desperate weirdos over at craigs list?

Sorry I couldn't more helpful.