T2W Website Updates (New Features/Bug Fixes/Server Problems)


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Unfortunately not, I need to investigate more and perhaps upgrade the server. Whenever we get spikes of traffic it locks up the server, so cloudflare DDOS protection puts the brakes on, but for example perhaps the level of protection could be less and the length of time it's on lessened. I've lowered it for now, and if we get another outage, I might try incrementally increasing it or beefing up the cloud server, or both!
I couldn't login for a couple of days until now.
The DDos protection routine did not redirect to trade2win but ALWAYS only to the DDos protection routine creating tons of senseless cookies on my computer (one every 5 seconds or so) after blinking with an error message.
There is a bug in Firefox, Cloudflare or T2W.
If the protection routine does create senseless traffic this way that would also put senseless effort to T2W.

redirection is also used by phishing sites so it might also be a problem for Virus and phishing protection software.

Last time with the DDos activation I didn't havbe this problem so I assume somebody (Firefox, Cloudflare or T2W) changed something to the worst.


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I didn't have this issue using Firefox to login.
I never had it before, but this time. Firefox had an update during the T2W "lockdown", but it didn't help.
I don't know where the bug is as I couldn't read the error message or number made by the protection routine.
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