T2W Website Updates (New Features/Bug Fixes/Server Problems)


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In case you're wondering if the @T2W Bot has a screw loose, and created a bunch of article threads, no, we basically had an issue which was that when we created a new article a corresponding thread wasn't being created. We've just fixed that, so now we're generating the comment threads for those articles missing them.


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Probably just me, but the T2W messaging is rather pants.

Messaging appears like a thread.
You cant copy someone into a message.
There is an "Invite more" button, but you cant "uninvite" anyone.
(context: I needed info from a mod to do something. Said mod recommended asking Sharky. I invited Sharky, but the mod is probably getting alerts to this message, even though he is no longer involved in the convo, due to lack of "uninvite" button.

I am probably fixed in my fuddy-duddy ways or something, but is this what the hipster-youths are now used to?
I preferred the bog-standard email-style messaging.

Also, I had reason to log onto T2W from my phone over weekend. I then had a tortuous path to logout.
Can there be a clear logout button at top-frame?
Puts me off logging on via my phone.