Sticky T2W Website Updates (New Features/Bug Fixes/Server Problems)

Morning all! Wanted to let you know that in the next week or two we'll be moving our hosting over to Xenforo's own cloud hosting service, from our current hosting provider, Google Cloud. The upside to this move is that the forum software will always be promptly upgraded to the newest, most secure version. You'll notice that the Articles section which is currently run on Wordpress integrated into Xenforo will be migrated to a new Articles format forum in Xenforo. Whilst the appearance will somewhat change, all articles will be retained.

I'll post more information on this move when I have a concrete day/time for the migration.
So we've scheduled the migration from Google Cloud to Xenforo Cloud tomorrow morning, Thu 30th Mar, at 9am UK time (4am ET). Shouldn't be more than 2 hours of dowtime, hopefully less. What changes will you notice? Well, only really two significant changes:
  1. All articles will move away from running on Wordpress, and will become articles within the Xenforo software, using their new article post format. The articles section will still exist as is, and the articles will live separate from the forum list, so the actual visual differences should be minimal. One different you might notice is that announcement and commentary threads for each article will no longer be separate to the article, but merge into the article post thread itself. For example right now if you search the forum for @timsk's popular 'Trading Plan Template' you'll get the announcement/comment thread here: from which you can access the article. After the migration tomorrow, you'll get the actual article itself, which will still have all the comments below it.
  2. The Xenforo software will be upgraded to the latest version. Whilst this is mostly bug fixes and performance improvements, one useful addition will be an improved captcha software to help protect the site from spam bots - we'll be implementing the new provider for this, once the migration has completed.
The migration took a little longer than anticipated, but it all went smoothly, and we're now flying in the xenforo cloud. Thanks for your patience!
Wondering if there's any interest in us setting up a T2W discord server for more syncronous chat than the forum? Let me know your thoughts...
T2W email notifications for when a new DM is received are not working although not sure if this is for everyone.
We just found a bug which has meant that nobody's been receiving post or pm email notifications for the past couple of months! Hope to have this fixed shortly! Thanks to @gka for spotting the issue and reporting it.
I've just unblocked the email notification, so you might have received a bunch of emails all in one go that should have been sent over the past few weeks. Everything should now be back to normal.
Ah, that'll be why I received just shy of a hundred emails from T2W a little while ago, I was wondering!
Good to know it's fixed, thanks.
Ah, that'll be why I received just shy of a hundred emails from T2W a little while ago, I was wondering!
Good to know it's fixed, thanks.
Wow! Sorry about that, we had a blockage, and only just realised it, goes back a couple of months!
Okay, that's appeared in under 'New Posts' - but is it really the first new post since moyes' post at 7.35AM, this morning???
I suspect so, there were only 24 posts yesterday and 7 on Sunday, so quite possible we had a few hours gap.