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Hi Max,

I think whenever a price is in question.. the fairest way to resolve it is to look at the first trade of the day and take the mid price then. For SEG it was: (from ADVFN)

0 7016K82D01 89.25 1300 O 88.0 90.0 8:03:00 1,300 1,300

Which was 89p mid-price, so I have changed your start price to that.

If anyone else has a start price that is questionable then please check advfn's first trade of the day's mid price and let me know what it is, if there is a discrepency we will side with ADVFN. I think that's fair. Perhaps we should look to get the same feed for quotes as ADVFN and moneyworld has, since they seem to be more reliable.


ps. Darth Trader also had a questionable start price. With ADVFN quoting much lower start price than DLJ and FT. But looking at the mid-price of the first trade, the start mid-price seems correct. Unfortunately whe there is a wide spread on the opening price, the amount can vary wildly within a few minutes.

Any ideas on the best way to calculate the start price, please share them.. perhaps taking a later price than that at 8:00am, maybe 8:30 - but is that really any fairer?
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