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hello sharky
please tell me why my 2 selections have been closed on the leader board---I most certainly did not.
regards fred
Hi Fredroff..

Don't worry they are not closed at all. There seems to be some confusion. Those two buttons which say close on a yellow background are the button syou press if you want to close your position, it doesn't mean that your position is closed. There's an explanation at the top of the page to this effect.

But your not the first person to get confused. So I'll probabably more them elsewhere or make it clearer.

As long as the status on the right hand column is "open" then you know you're not closed.


Sharky, wish you'd closed my positions by mistake as of monday..

Let me see.. (having a look at the ranking)

Oh dear Riz, well it could be worse!.. at least it's only monopoly money. (I hope it is anyway, though I suspect a lot of members have included the stocks they own in the competition - I know I used to).

Still, there's everything to play for tomorrow, it's just a shame about Corbus going the wrong way today.

Sharky......Regarding the closed sign in the comp board suggest you put a ? mark alongside it and therfore indicating "do you want to close"

Meanwhile, keep up the good work.

Max, you need to close your positions youself, by clicking the close button on your stock in the competition page. This is for two reasons. 1) To confirm the price at the time you wanted to close, and 2) It makes my life a little easier, becuase I don't then need to maunally edit the database. So in future please only use the BB to close if for whatever reason your having trouble doing so via. the competition page. Cheers.

Sorry if I haven't made this clear to everyone. The competition is still evolving, and there's lots of cool features I'd like to add, so if you can think of anything let us know.

I've taken a look at ADVFN and you are quite corret the mid-price was 365 (a really good price!) at between 12:00 and 12:15 (remember at the moment we use 15 min delayed prices, and our prices our themselves only updated every 15 mins. Hopefully I can improve this, realtime prices would be nice!

I'll close it Max as instructed but I might not get a chance until later today, until then consider it closed.


ps. Good call on Telecity :)
Ah, just read that last post, now I understand... Sorry I'll try and get it fixed asap. If anyone else is having probs then close your positions on this thread.

Don't know what happened today Sharky

I logged in at work which allowed me to post but would not allow me to close on the comp as no button was there.

Come home and the button is back. Must be cookie trouble or lack of them at work. But still can't understand why I could post the closure but no button

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Hi Max, yeah it does sound weird. Perhaps it was something to do with cookies.. if it happens again let me know, or if anyone else is having probs let me know, and I'll investigate further.

Hi Max, we use the same feed as FT Market Watch, DLJ Direct etc. They also have SEG open at 90.5, but ADVFN suggests 88.5 - I just wish that everyone agreed.

But 2p is a significant difference, and the trades that went through at market open would suggest ADVFN is the correct one. Will check a couple more sites, to confirm the correct price.

when I did my correlataions with prices, Moneyworld and AIQ were in agreement with all prices- ie open and close each day............
Hi Max,

I think whenever a price is in question.. the fairest way to resolve it is to look at the first trade of the day and take the mid price then. For SEG it was: (from ADVFN)

0 7016K82D01 89.25 1300 O 88.0 90.0 8:03:00 1,300 1,300

Which was 89p mid-price, so I have changed your start price to that.

If anyone else has a start price that is questionable then please check advfn's first trade of the day's mid price and let me know what it is, if there is a discrepency we will side with ADVFN. I think that's fair. Perhaps we should look to get the same feed for quotes as ADVFN and moneyworld has, since they seem to be more reliable.


ps. Darth Trader also had a questionable start price. With ADVFN quoting much lower start price than DLJ and FT. But looking at the mid-price of the first trade, the start mid-price seems correct. Unfortunately whe there is a wide spread on the opening price, the amount can vary wildly within a few minutes.

Any ideas on the best way to calculate the start price, please share them.. perhaps taking a later price than that at 8:00am, maybe 8:30 - but is that really any fairer?