May i suggest that we use fridays closing mids for comp picks... i know it's already been suggested.
I find it difficult to select something different , for comp interest, when opening spreads can ruin your selections.
THUS open mid 55 but 62.5 on FRI
KCOM open mid132, a joke, spread 1/165 but Fri close126.
In fact i would have closed KCOM early Mon when it was up but could'nt because the comp board was wrong.
Now that Steve mentioned it, I'd like to reiterate my wish that it's best to use friday close...confusion over open prices has caused indifference to the Comp and it's no fun like this I think...

friday close sounds good to me. A possible argument for not using it is that news might break over the weekend though maybe that's just part of being on the ball.
competition starting price

I agree; fri mid close price being used for the opening price for the following week's comp. Makes sense as you say, for realistic trading spread figures; maybe more consistent with our own software prices, which previously seem to have differed.
For me, and price verification, it would be simpler and better to use Friday CLOSE.......I can pull the prices straight off AIQ....but they don't show bid/offer spread..
Once again i find the opening prices are not the same as on offer. TRK last week was out by 8p so this week i pick CS. thinking nothing can go wrong with that and i find that my opening price of 74.75 is shown as 78 on the comp board.
I going to be skint at this rate :)

To be on the safe side, I didn't join this week...leaving Steve on his own to lose his hard earned money :)

Maybe we'd better freeze the comp. till the pricing problems are sorted, it really is no fun like this..we need to do it like real so the results can be taken seriously..


Well Steve, quite happy with the corus price as I am short - though admittedly I thought it opened lower than that. Similarly my antisoma did well today - though again I think it was not quite as much as in the comp. Shame both are paper profits only !!!!


(ps maybe we should at least finish this comp first.....of course I have no selfish motives!!!)
Looking at the price today, thank God it's only a paper loss for me.
Serves me right for trying to be contrarian to the broker tips etc on Friday.... sometimes they are correct!

ps Anyone tell me how to attach a chart. A simple cut / paste doesn't seem to work.
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Oh dear....

Right then apologies everyone, it's all my fault really. We need to sort the pricing thing out and I've been distracted with the new site that I've quite wrongly put this site on the backburner.. but I know how people like the competition, and like Riz says it defeats the whole point of it if the starting prices are wrong. And having looked at them toda yfor the first time, they look in a right state! It doesn't help I've been really busy the last two evenings, anyway please, please bear with us. They will be fixed on the new site and in the meantime I'm going to make a big effort this weekend to fix them once and for all on this site.