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A question for the techies. How essential is the need for surge protection? I have a new system with a TFT Monitor and it recommends using surge protection.

Can you get surge protectors which will protect modems as well as PC's, as I have come across a couple of instances of "fried modem" after lightning storms?

Unfortunately you cannot easily protect a modem from a lightening. Good models will have inbuilt protection, always go for an external one as it is less likely to damage your PC.

They blow due to the phone line spiking not the mains feed in general. There are devices available that integrate into a multiway socket offereing protection for both mains and phone lines. These are cheaper that a UPS and more resilient for such occurances. For example:

Starting with a 4 way for £9.99


Do you know if that will pass through an ADSL signal or if it'd be dial up modems only?


I think it does the lot but I can only suggest you suck it an see!

Be aware that surge protectors generally offer 1x off protection only and in long term use you dont really know whether/if this has alreadybeen triggered by event(s) you are not aware of. IMHO a UPS is a better bet

Anyone recommend a good value for money bit of UPS kit? ( and vendor) Our village usually has one power cut per year.


For those of us in the UK, I would suggest obtaining a Free copy of "Electronic Systems Protection-Handbook" [A guide to Protecting Electronic Equipment from Lightning and Transient overvoltage]"

Available by visiting the website

wysinawyg said:
Do you know if that will pass through an ADSL signal or if it'd be dial up modems only?

I've got a Belkin UPS with integral phone line surge protection, which my ADSL goes through. Cost about £100, but it keeps everything critical going when all around is dark, and it should protect most stuff from surges too.
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Lots to get my teeth into here. Came across the Belkin site earlier today and will look at the others too, before making final decision.

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I've just got a Trust 600 UPS from Dabs for £60. It's a bit cheaper than Belkin or APC as it doesn't have a link to the PC to automatically shut the PC down in the event of a powercut. That feature is irrelevent, as I need to be able to exit trades first anyway before shutting down.
Hiya, I experienced a power cut last Thursday and as I had no surge protection (I didn’t know this existed) my pc was cut off. Fortunately I was not in the middle of a trade. I lost all my trading data from my trading program ( I had backed up some of the data though and my friend helped me with some of the rest). My global server has had a few ‘errors’ and I had to reinstall ‘Hyperserver’.
Anyway, I entered a search and arrived at this informative post.
I talked to my IT friend for his opinion and he suggested the ‘APC Back-UPS CS 500’ model.
If anyone is interested and it is allowed, I can post up the email he sent me, with all the technical details about why it’s the best one to go for etc,etc,etc ;)
Remember to also pug in your modem (if you use broadband), and any hands free landline telephone that you use to your UPS. In the event of a power cut you will still have access to the internet and if that fails and you are in a trade you can phone up and close your trade.

Also on Global server be sure to click on Tools and run the Nightly Maintenance (which should be done daily anyway) as this keeps the Global Server running sweetly.

What data did you lose and can you download it ? If not I may be able to send you some depending upon what you require.

Trader333, thank you kindly for your help and sorry for not responding sooner. You helpfully sent me some data for ES, a while back, but for some reason we couldn’t get it to ‘marry up’ with my data that ‘Hyperserver’ was collecting from IB.
I guess I should start a new thread requesting help from other Hyperserver/Tradestation users, as I’m sure people must be having ‘holes’ in their data collections; maybe we can all help each other out.