stock screening strategies


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I would be interested to read about other list members stock screening techniques. I am currently focussing on the FTSE100 (to ensure volume), looking for stocks that have retraced for 3 to 5 days after a new recent high. The entry price is at or above the previous days high. The strategy can be inverted for shorting stocks. Currently testing so cannot report success rate yet.

just some very simple ones:

exclude AIM stocks - as they are not eligible for tax free peps and isa's and have more risk

exclude penny shares - less than 50p

sometimes use moving av. volume > 50K for liquidity

only ft350 for short candidates - these are easily available through spread betting companies

CANSLIM - see my recent posts on other threads.

There is no limit to what you can do with imagination.
As I am still developing my trading style, indeed, even defining the type of trading I am most comfortable with, I use a vol of >100K and price of >50p for the reasons given above.