How to select stocks for day trading?

Re: How to select stocks for day trading? Trade gurus help me out.

Hi friends,

Its such an excellent forum where an novice like me able to learn lot of things around stock market.

I am from India jumped into share market recent time,looking to enter intra day trade.
So gurus please help me in the below aspects..

How one can select stocks for intra day trading using previous day data's?

Is there any simple strategy to screen stocks for intra day?

How to find entry and exit for intra day?

Is there any formula used to find entry & exit?

What is the best strategy for intra day?

And also seniors please share your day trading strategies, it will be very helpful to me who is new to day trade.

Help me in these regards..

Thank you.

Don't daytrade e commission alone is going to kill you...stick to position trading.If you dont have frens in this field and alone with small bankroll you will be wiped up within 6mths top.