Stock Market Sell-Off coming in May


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It could be something like short pullback after reaching new high several days ago. The market is growing for several months, so it may need the short correction to "take a rest". Of course, summer is relatively low season for business activity, so we could see possible decrease of volatiliy and volumes. At the same time, the summer earnings season could be quite interesting (the previous one was almost perfect). Another point is that the reaction to the unexpected news could be sufficient due to the relatively low general trading volumes and dozens of traders looking for trading opportunities.


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on the above chart we had a good square out on a 1 minute chart today 41 bar high to lower high at 12.41 along with good square root readings differences matching, degree readings and bar up bar down calculations.


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Is it just a May blip or something more substantial ?
That question is largely up to Trump imho and so probably
anyone's guess.

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