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Hi i've just been looking at the website and it talks about pattern trading and fibonacci price projections.

I was wondering if anyone knows what these patterns are and what exactly fibonacci price projections are and how they can be used in spread betting.



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in a nutshell, its about using fib values as a means to determine support and resistance, and to use these as low-risk entries.
Fib-ratios retracements being used to trigger positions into the trend.

I have been on Sandys course, and it is quite good. ( one of the better ones I have been on )

But, my personal opinion only, is fib-ratios are a more structured form of swing-trading.
( they both look for pivots !! )

Sandys course is quite useful for spread-bettors, as the time-scale is 2-3 days, usually, depending on your time-frame. So you arent really being hammered with the spreads.

hope this helps.

Sandy is quite approachable and helpful, so dont feel reticent in emailing him with questions.


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Thanks for the reply trendie!

Would you be willing to go into the detalis of how to use fib ratios?

What about the patterns that he talks about?


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I would be breaching his copyright if I did !!
It would be unfair on Sandy, as seminars are one of his income-streams.
As well as others who have paid for the course.

However, what is unusual about his course is that he puts an emphasis about treating it as a business, and how to draw up a plan, and to stick to it.
He goes into your psychology, ( are you conservative, aggressive etc ). This helps determine your plan.
If you are spread-betting, then dont bother day-trading.
His trades are multi-days - which I like. ( basically, you can trade EOD, while doing a "normal" job, until you feel comfortable. )

Best of all, his entry strategy is so mechanical and meticulous.
And they tend to be low-risk, with well-defined stop-losses.

However, the exit strategy is a bit vague.

As I said before, I prefer swing-trading, as although I use fib-ratios as useful indicators, I prefer the natural flow of swing trading.

If you have some experience of trading, then this is a good intro to fib-trading, as ONE of many means to systemise your trading. ( structures your thoughts ).

If you have reasonable experience, say 2 years or more, you will know from experience ( and confidence that comes from experience ) that fibs are just one of MANY means of determining the state of the market.
( we all end up with our personal favourites ).

You will have to decide whether attending his course is an option.
If you are a beginner, I recommend it whole-heartedly
If you are more experienced, a good fib-book will do !!


There is nothing secret about Fib ratios in terms of forward projections. The key fib ratios are 38.2%, 61.8% and 50% Some course proprieters claim that there is a secret Fib ratio (which is actually 89%) but I would ignore this.

As a simple example, If you look at the attached screenshot you will see that the market made a low at point A and a high at point B. Now using Fib ratio projections you would expect the market to retrace to points C which is a 38.2% retracement or point D which is a 50% retracement or even further to the next line which would have been a 61.8%. before taking off again in the upward direction. It also works for downward moves and if you check the "No Indicators" thread and look at the posts by the member called a320 he also shows other Fib projections at 1.618 etc.

I hope this helps



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Swing-trading - exploiting the short-term upswings and downswings of shares of indices.
I prefer the indices to stocks.

You know how in a downswing, there are retracements up for a couple of days, before resuming the downward trend ?
Swing trading, for me, getting in at the end of the retracement, when it "peaks", and continues down.
( and in reverse, when the market is going up, there are a couple of days, when the market "breathes" by dipping a bit ).
You take the trade in the direction of the trend, at the end of the retracement. ( as the market returns to its main trend )

If you understand the above ( !! ) , you can see that you can take chunks out of the market as it swings about on its main trend.

If you understand that ( !!! ), then fib-ratios wait for specific retracements ( such as 32%, 50%, 68% ) as entry triggers.

See what I mean about fibs being a more structured way of trading.

I personally am not going to miss out on a trade just because it hasnt hit a fib-ratio !!

Hope this helps.
Marc Rivalland is the originator of this method, I believe.

Basically, it is a mix of a bit of Gann, and mostly basic Dow Theory.
And Marcs own specifics.

It makes snese to me, thats why I use it.


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whoops - 38, not 32.
62, not 68.

its based aound the golden mean, 1.618, if that helps.


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Swing Trading Definition

A catchy marketing phrase invented by brokers to generate commissions by giving the client the illusion that he or she can 'catch' many of the moves lasting 3-20 days as the market moves up and down. In theory it all looks very plausible but as ever in this business the practical results are often markedly different.


RosieGlow asks

I too have looked at spreadbettingtowin. It sounds good but it's a little expensive for me. Any ideas where I can train without using the companies selling S.B? I have a little experience now with S.B. but I lost a lot of money because I did not close out my Stops! GRRR


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How expensive is expensive ?

Is the course more or less expensive than the "lot of money" that you have lost ?

Suppose the course helped you to make an extra 5 points per trade than you do at the moment.
( through better entry or risk management )
Suppose the course helped you to lose 5 points less per trade than you do at the moment.
( through better stop-loss assessment and risk management ).

Over your trading lifetime, how much would that be worth ?


RG asks

Yeah, I know what you mean, and I am already on a training program so I hope to learn how to get to grips with Stops.

Do you have an opinion on which spreadbetting company offer the best service and tightest spreads? I found CMC software fine but their trade management Blotter was confusing.


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it tends to be personal preference.

I have accounts at Cantor - hardly use it.
I have just today opened an account with D4F - just for the tight spreads.

With D4F, you have to download their software, and are therefore restricted to the machine you download to.
This is also true, I believe for Cantor.

I prefer FinSpreads as I find their trading software great.
As its browser-based, I can secretly place trades when I am at work!
I prefer Finspreads for this reason alone - flexibility - access my account and trade from any
machine anywhere.

You will find that your favourite SB company is the one that is making the money.
You will find fault with the SB company that is losing you money.
This is irrespective of the technical capabiliteis of the software.
You know you are losing a lot of money when you complain that you cant change the colour of the trading screen.
Go figure.
do the course

andrewmooton said:
Hi i've just been looking at the website and it talks about pattern trading and fibonacci price projections.

I was wondering if anyone knows what these patterns are and what exactly fibonacci price projections are and how they can be used in spread betting.

A word of caution ..... many people have put postings on the forum re Sandy and his course and methods. Having had a look at some of the remarks, some of the remarks are complete junk and not what Sandy teaches. His methods DO work (superbly) and I am making regular profits using his methods.
Don't waste your time listening to others .......... if you want to know what Sandy teaches get yourself booked on a course. It's the best move I ever made...........


So far you have made 5 posts all of which are an advert for the Mr Jadeja course. I think we get the message that you think he is great and that you are making money using his methods.

Can you now give a more valuable contribution and maybe post some of your trades in realtime as this will undoubtedly be the best possible advert that Mr Jadeja could possibly hope for. We have had many of his students saying how great he is and some promised to post trades and let us know of them but this has yet to materialise and they all but all disappear.

I look forward to you delivering where countless others have not done so.



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I completely agree with Paul (above post). If someone starts posting some of their trades in real time using what he's learned from Sandy Jadeja (without giving away any course-material in the process) it will change many people's opinions of what's been going on here with the frequent praise of this course. I, for one, would be really interested because I've recently been looking at Fib retracement levels, something I've never much believed in before, and I'm surprised with what I find and always very open to learning more. Surely it must be possible to post some real-time trades using this information without giving the course-material away? What would you have to lose by doing so?


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What would you have to lose by doing so?

Being able to eulogise Mr Jadeja's course?

Alternatively it could make the unbelivers eat their words and put us all on the path to riches untold.

Come on trendie, skulltrader et al - go for it.


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LevII said:
Being able to eulogise Mr Jadeja's course?

Alternatively it could make the unbelivers eat their words and put us all on the path to riches untold.

Come on trendie, skulltrader et al - go for it.

I initially had my doubts about Sandys Fibs.
It took me about 3-4 months before I finally got round to accepting their worth.
This could be because I had already learnt other ideas, such as Rivallands Swing-Trading, TA etc, and was always trying to understand them in terms of TA.

I think if you are new, you are more likley to accept Fibs with minimal problems. If you know about other methods, you ( as I did ), have problems adjusting to accepting Fibs.

I still use Fibs, as the trades last for days etc. I still like swing-trading.

However, my current aim is to master intra-day trading.

Maybe thats my problem, I like to learn new things. And once I have mastered them, I get bored
with them, and seek out other challenges.

I wont be posting live Fib trades - sorry.
The risk-to-reward is such that the course should comfortably pay for itself in a matter of months. It is an EOD method. Ideal for people who have conventional jobs.

I recommend Sandys course.
I dont get commission. I am not a newbie with an "angle". Just my opinion.
Take it or leave it.

Now, where did I put my new-fangled Area-51 indicator ?.......
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