Hi everyone.

I am a new member here. I have been following the markets for about 18 months and trading actively for about 6 months, never knowing if i have made the right decision!

Anyway, I have a stake in I bought at 118p on Ofex. The shares were suspended at 177p. They are due to start trading again on Aim with an issue of shares at 120p. Any opinion on where this may go. I have looked on other BBs and there is no mention of Sportingbet.

Thanks in advance

Welcome aboard. I'm afraid I can't offer you anything on this one.Anyone else?

Welcome SB. Ofex shares are difficult to trade and are best left to those who "are in the know".

Good luck and best wishes
I'm sure you know you can find the chart and co. details on
A lot depends on market sentiment. Last year I owned MMD at £23 when it was suspended on Ofex. It came back to the main market at the end of the Spring slump. Money was being raised at £14. The price came back at £14, immediately fell to £7, and then up to £16 (there was a share split also)
I reckon SPO will come back nearer the float price, although SPO performed very well throughout last summer before a bit of a pullback in late Sept.
Don't be scared to take some profits at any chance. At least the money is in your pocket. You can always buy back in.
Sorry nothing more helpful
Risky !

Welcome Shortbird - Are you a 5 ft tall young lady??

If you are interested in this particular vocation suggest you research Stanley Leisure (SLY). Quality company with P/E of 8.5 recently reported good figures and would you know share price dipped by 6% to 188. However volume spiked today at 1300% of avg volume and gained 4.5% to 195.

Good earnings potential.

DYOR and good luck