Share Reissue ??

Paul J Davies

:?: Hello i am a first time poster and need some info....

Does anyone anything about this company or subject please.

I have some shares in co called MVS which suspended on AIM on 9th April, they were re issued by the company who purchased MVS which is tandberg group on a 10 to 1 ratio.

Do i need to do anything to claim my (if any) new shares

and what does it all mean

Any help appreciated.


Paul D
hi Paul, and welcome to T2W :D

It's unlikely that you will need to do anything; your share purchase will be registered in the company's records and the Registrar is responsible for issuing new certificates, etc.

The broker through whom you bought the shares may know more, so you could always ask. I presume that the takeover means that the shares will continue being traded, or is it that the new company has purchased them outright - if it is the latter you should get a cheque from the Registrars for the value of the shares at the takeover price.