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Joke of the year....Florian Rentsch is now promoting and advertising Frankfurt as a safe and clean financial place , ...while 77 per cent of all scammers in Switzerland are from Frankfurt and nobody has been send under bars!!!!!!!,!!!,!,
Spirit on media ,Neu isenburg windhag 7 , hundred of smoke screen companies,the closing of the entry level of the otc Frankfurt!
And the justice watching without moving a finger.
If Rentsch wants some creibility has to send before a fair amount of people under bars in Frankfurt.


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Fantastic news....two very rich Italians left Lugano for Montecarlo after they were closely following the Spirit on Media comedy.Dimitri Ceccarelli was the last straw who broke the camel s back.
Ceccarelli Dimitri started selling Bell Guchone Perlitz products in 2004 and is still free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A portughiese who has stolen 80 francs got a 5 month jail sentence in Pontresina Switzerland!!!!

Udo Schaar and Dimitri Ceccarelli ,we can now roughly calculate,cost at least 22 million Swiss francs to Swiss banks......and those two italians who indignated left the country are simply the start of a trend if things won t change.
An unavoidable consequence of Swiss justice laxness with real financial criminals.
And this is just the beginning .
We are organising a big group of investors defrauded by german criminals more than 600000 people who are likely to start an unprecedented refuse to buy German goods if the german justice will not collaborate in stopping the criminals.
A first good responce is already here, Berresheim Pirroth ,nick stick fraud Zug are now in prison in Stuttgart.
We are waiting .
Stay tuned the bet is yet to come


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a fraud

Well after the two programs on Swiss tv in german and italian is now cristal clear that spirit on media was a fraud.
Exept for the potenrial buyer of the company Sir Joseph Birch now in jail,
the others Udo Schaar Paul Morton Dimitri Ceccarelli are still free.
Lugano is now clearly one of the most criminal places in the world.
With 68000 ihnabitnts is now known as citta delle truffe
the town for scammers, the last two years disappeared roughly 1000 million swiss francs , most of them coming from Italy.
From municipality of Civitavecchia , from the Franciscan from private people.
The justice is totally inefficent and can t keep up with the incredible numbers of financial criminals .

In the meantime Udo Schaar has reopened a fake company tkm equity gmbh Berlin
,with the very same adress that spirit on media and 7 other fake companies had,Neu Isenburg Windhag 7.
As usually ther is no sign on the door.
His good friend Doktor Michael Herzog is now searched by the police from spain.
Ifc gruop a 250 million scam and a 22 million scam with small investors and a 50 million scam in Israel.


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If they cold called you it is a scam for sure. To answer your specific question go to the FSA website and look them up.
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