Sound Card problems


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oh boy !

in the process of recovering system having to perform clean install of win95.

the only problem appears to be with the sound card which
is a CT4810. (CreativeLabs)

I suspect the problem is with the IRQ.

when I load the driver,
it does the PCI128 then it tries to load
a 'legacy' device and a joystick.
and then HANGS !

so in safe mode, I disabled the joystick (which I dont have anyway) and tried again
it does the PCI128 and then tries to load the 'legacy' device
and then HANGS !

So I downloaded 4810 drivers from their website and the same
thing happens.

but I notice that when the sound card is disabled, it has an IRQ of 10.
when it is not disabled but in safe mode it has an irq of 3.

looks wrong to me !
what have PC World done to me ?
IRQ 3 is definitely wrong- that's reserved for com ports.
switch to win XP my son, and I will forgive you.
could change it manually I suppose
but to what ?
probably needs to be outside pnp area.

its a P3 with QDI/Brillianx motherboard.
oh well
too techy for the techies ?
perhaps its no coincidence that everybody in the 'clinic' (as they call it)
at PC World has gone off sick !

so sound card come out tonight. rather out than in where it might cause more problems.
will try a few cold boots, maybe pnp will come to its senses.
Sound cards usually use 5 and 10 as IRQ's.
Just a thought.... Have you got a p&p modem? I remember a problem from the old days- they used to fight each other. The solution was to take out the modem , install the sound card, then put the modem back in and install that. They used to fight for IRQ5 and because the software/hardware was flakey , they couldn't resolve each other's conflicts.
thanks Chartman
I have tv card audio on 10 and 5 is vacant.
com1 on 4.(external modem)
com2 on 3.(Pc to Pc cable)

so uninstall modem and put in sound card may not work ?
Creative help indicates 5 or 7 (LPT)
cant think why the sound card ever found its way onto 3.

so at a bit of a loss.
have taken the sound card out now.
unless any new ideas occur will try and reinstall it tomorrow night.
I did as you suggested.
removed sound card and modem and then reinstalled
sound card and then modem in that order.

and it now all works.
Clearly there is a pecking order to these things.

Well done and many thanks.
A very heartfelt vote for you.

That is the one and only time I shall use PC World.
Never again.
It's one of many lessons that can only be learnt through experience. Reading books won't help, neither will going to PC World, unless, of course, you happen to come into the store where I work when I've retired......