8 Monitors Please,Another G200 Quad Card?Stands?


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I've got four NEC monitors.Ideally I would like eight so I can see all the other instruments I trade in the various time-frames.(I'm missing trades at the moment when x is flat and then I see in one of my smaller charts that y is flying (( tried sound alerts)).Can anyone recommend a supplier of (modular) stands?Say I want to try 5 first.I have a G200 quad card installed but when I go to 'display' there is a fifth monitor icon displayed.Does this mean I can plug a monitor into the original port and get a picture?Or is it disabled?I have 1 spare pci slot.So I just put in another pci quad card and I can have another 4?
Tried that,but once or twice I've been turfed out before I could place my stops.
O.K. I may well buy the extra quad card and then add one at a time.I've seen the multimon site but the personal touch is always best.If the worst comes to the worst I could make a desk from mdf and fix the monitors to the wall in two rows of four (If I do need that many).I had the G200 installed at pc world -- so you can guess I'm completely non-tech.If it's a business then you need the tools.
Put the next card in yourself and buy it off the net - look in Kelkoo or similar
All you have to do is take the screws out of your machine case, remove the cover and put the card securely in the slot - its not rocket science - you may have a blanking plate to remove from the case to allow you to plug in to the card :)
I hav 4 mons but so far don't plan any more as my office is also my art gallery an I would have to take my watercolours down
No need for the straps, just be sure that you have the mains cable connected to the machine... that will automatically earth you as you touch the case. Yes you can use the on board VGA output for your fith monitor.


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when you are all set up, be sure to let us have a pic ?

if you plug in a tv cable presumably you can get the 1 image
dissected into 8 pieces ?

8x17=136" screen .

mind you tv is so bad these days, cant think why you would want to.
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No offence to the other posts but DO NOT LEAVE THE MAINS CABLE PLUGGED IN WHEN WORKING INSIDE THE PC (unless you are an electrical/electronics engineer). DON'T DO IT! I make no apologies for shouting on this issue.

And earthing yourself with the mains connected is like writing your own death warrant!!!!!!!!! The result is likely to be a healthy chip and a decidedly dead Jonnyy.

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