Multi Monitor Card setup probs



Hi all,

I have just taken delivery of and installed a Compaq STB quad card (2nd hand)

It is a PCI card and the problem I have is that my pc is only recognising one monitor.
It has been suggested to me that the pci bridge chip needs 2 B enabled?

what it the pci bridge chip & how do I enable it?

Somebody help me please!

Incidentally, I have been, up to now, using a Radion duel head card (successfully). Am I now being punished for being monitor greedy?
Have you downloaded the drivers? If not do so.. (I think it will be a Matrox card..100 or 200 series).

Are you using Windows XP?

Have you gone to Control Panel, Display to look at what monitors are setup?
Hi Madasafish,

The guy I bought it from insists that I don't need to download a driver, I did think this his comment a bit iffy, but took his word.

I am running windows XP. I looked at compaq's w/site & my particular card says that it needs windows NT.

I would have thought that win xp would have superceded NT ?

Would it work downloading a matrox driver? or am I just being thick?



I tried to set it up through control panel etc but it would only show one monitor which told me that it didn't recognise the card.
XP is v fussy about what it works with. Some older stuff is not capable of use with it as companies have not brought out suitable drivers
There is a website for driver searching - just can't remember it. Can anyone else help?
Does this mean I'm up **** creek? unless I downgrade to NT which I assume will cause probs with other software?