can someone pls help - my comp is slowing down on me - i uninstalled a couple of programs hoping that would make the difference - to no avail. The clock is losing about 15 mins a day and clicking on anything i.e "new post" it seems like the mouse is frozen for a few seconds - before it was loading in no time. Help !!!


What operating system are you using ?
Do you have antivirus software ?
Do you have antihacking software ?

Also visit
and run a test on your PC as you may have a load of spyware on your PC



thanks Paul - system is windows 2000 and i dont know if i have anti virus or anti hacking software so i doubt that i have. Will try the test site you suggest

many thanks


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Some basics include clearing your temporary internet files. Go into IE, tools>internet options> click "general" tab, click > delete files > OK.

Do a defrag.

Check the amount of free disk space you have.

Empty your trash can.

If you don't have some anti-viris s/w you are playing with fire!!!!!!!!


Thanks Guys - I have just used the spyware nuker program as suggested - 42 files and 8 registry keys infected - now telling me to reboot - is this simply shutting down and restarting again?



Just a cautionary word on SpywareNuker (copied from Spybot- S&D web site).


The black sheep in the anti-spyware business, BulletProof and TrekBlue link 02/12/2003
While many people in the anti-spyware sector are doing this mostly because they are dedicated to security and privacy, there are always a few black sheep trying to make quick money using the fear of many users.

Two such black sheep are BulletProof Soft with their Spyware and Adware Remover and TrekBlue with their SpywareNuker.
Both products are based on a hacked version of the Spybot-S&D database. Evidence for this is very clear as Spybot-S&D contains some entries to determine such theft. These entries are wrong entries, some detecting things that do not really exist, some detecting minor threats under the wrong name, etc.. These tricks are absolutely harmless to the normal user of Spybot-S&D, but do clearly identify a stolen version of the Spybot-S&D database. Both products mentioned above detect exactly the same 'mistakes' the Spybot-S&D database contains.


I think it is a good idea to try all these things out and set them against each other - Trial by Ordeal - but this time I got more than I bargained for. No harm done since Spybot (which is Freeware) killed it.



Hi Paul - many thanks again -purchased the spyware and it seems to have done the trick and downloaded the firewall and anti virus programs so hopefully will be trouble free from now on

Cheers gary



Thanks for this, I wasnt aware and all information of this kind is useful.


I am pleased to see things have improved. Windows 2000 is a very stable operating system so hopefully you should not have too much more trouble.


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