SKYPE trading rooms.


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Find a Skype trading chat room here.

I would like to invite anyone who has skype and that is a trader to start a chat trading room and post it here. Don't forget to tell a little bit about what kind of traders your interested in inviting to the trading room.

Word of warning!
If you join a skype trading room that you can be thrown out of room by a click of a button, by the moderator, without warning or reason.
Which can be an addvantage for the person running the trading room but in some instances plain disrespectful.

So if you have a beef about a trading room, we want to here about it here to.
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Flow Trading

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i am Trading the mini s&P
can i join the Skype chat room ?


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Hello everyone..well I asked a while ago for cu2 to add me to his skype trading room.. did not receive any reply .
Anyhow.. my skype name is in this thread,..just add me and maybe we will have to join forces to open a new one


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Hi, i like to participate too in the skype trading room, my skype name is herme992.


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Hi All,

as it seems to be no active room is available I created a new Skype room for us.
use this link to join the room :
Join Public Chat

, if you want to help moderating the room let me know and I will grant you "host" level.

Good Luck,


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Hi Klidtrade,
Yes, currently we are 7 person there,
send me your Skype username and I will add you, also add me as a contact to your skype : kobi.triki


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