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Is there somewhere on this site a place where you can see the companys so you can see what the price is of the stock ect and also the code that you use
Silly Answer Time: no, not on this site. Most of us use end of day software for UK stocks which has all the details of the ticker (code) and price.

You may like to try ADVFN for UK stocks. There are other sites if you're wanting US stocks, but I presume you're just after UK ones.
Hi zambuck, I believe you have been using MetaStock. I am thinking of buying it. What advice would you give to me. Do i need to buy Plug In's to begin with ? If I want tot buy one or two which one should i go for? I need for Options Trading.How you used Options part of MetaStock? Thanks
Sorry Aacharya...found your message by fluke because I was searching for your thread on Options...sometimes I feel that I miss threads whenever I log on....

To your question I would suggest that MS is a good package....although it has it's flaws..Charting facility is very good indeed...Explorations a crystal clear...programming language is bit daunting...but once mastered it is really simple...System Tester has some problems...But then I don't use it...Option scope is built in but I must confess I have never used it...I am hoverer considering options and hence I wanted to look at your thread...

I would suggest that you take step at a time....for 300odd pounds the price of the package is not too steep...and you can always go on to the real time version if you need has got flexibility...

The plug ins are a new part of MS...but I have not used any so far..MS has served the purpose quite effectively....

Any probs please PM me...