Sigh of Relief


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At 10am this morning I printed out page 328 of my thesis. The last page :)

All ready to give in at 10am tomorrow morning.
Well done Helen,

Let me be the first to congratulate you!

I remember how difficult I found it completing my dissertation at uni - that one was on the "mixing of chattels" - (don't ask!), and a PHD thesis must be 100* as bad!

Now you will be able to spend more time in developing your
strategies to beat the market!!!
Congratulations .

That is quite an achievement!!!

I could only imagine getting up at 10 am :D

On a serious note - Well done Helen, I only know part of the work that you have put in and even that scares me.

Enjoy tomorrow
In between Helen-ironing, Helen-schoolrun, Helen-housework.

lol - well done quite an achievement

now about that book you was going to write about partical physics................

Well done Helen.. Looking forward to calling you Doctor!

PS What is it about?
What about 1-327, shouldn't you print them as well?
(just a suggestion).
yeh - i think that's a good idea DaveJB...

... and a table of contents wouldn't go amiss niether - nor would a binded thesis.....

(i don't know - these PHD peeps, they're good everything else, but ....)

Well it's only a temporary reprieve :) I get feed back from my tutors on the 10th February, then no doubt there will be further revisions. But at least until the 10th Feb I'm free of it :)

Nicos the title - "Record Keeping by Art and Music Therapists Working with Learning Disabled Patients 1970 -2000"

And yes I DID copy all the pages :)