Time of the day and impact on trading


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I was reviewing my previous trades last night, (Day trading, spreadbetting, fixed odds stuff) and noticed that the time of day seems to have a big impact on my success.

Ive noticed that I tend to make the correct trades 80-90% of the time during from late morning/noon to the close of the FTSE. My biggest failures seem to be at open and early morning i.e. 8-10am where I am around 40% successful.

Because I tend to win more than I lose and make more money than I lose, Ive never paid much attention to it, but looking at it, my early morning trades have seriously impacted my profits.

Has anyone else noticed they are more succesful at different times of the day?

Do you just avoid trading these times or do you alter you strategy?


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Market open is traditionally a good time for novice traders to load their orders - and get them picked off. So it's worth avoiding.

There are definite lulls in the markets - which appear to be consistent with local time around the world.

11:30 to 14:30 is slow (yep, the big boys go to lunch. I have no idea if this is the true reason of course, but it seems more than just a local trading myth).


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lol - dont know about time of day, but time of week for sure! Just cant seem to get a fill on Saturdays.

Bramble - yes its true. Sitting behind a screen all day getting square eyes, or standing up getting jabbed in the ribs all morning is tough work and you need a break.


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BBB said:
lol - dont know about time of day, but time of week for sure! Just cant seem to get a fill on Saturdays.

Saturday/sunday are the only day I can say I have never lost money on. If all beginner traders only trade on the weekend they would peform just below the top traders and break even.
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