Should vendors only be allowed to post a 'vendor section'

Should vendors only be allowed to post in a 'vendor section'

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    Votes: 28 70.0%
  • No

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.................I see where you are coming from, but I do think the fact that someone has an official position as a moderator tends to modify their behaviour................
I think there's got to be some truth in that, hare. As a moderator constantly chiding people in one way or another for straying from the righteous path of the guidelines, I have to be more than careful I don't stray myself :).

My expressed views are my own but inevitably coloured from my privileged position of knowing more of what's going on in the background and what I think about it.

Aside from that I, as a member, also like the place and want to see it thrive and that will inevitably colour what I choose to comment about and what I have to say. That's no different to you, though, even though our starting points are at opposite ends of the spectrum :LOL:


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I see where you are coming from, but I do think the fact that someone has an official position as a moderator tends to modify their behavior, and that they do have a tendency to accept a collective responsibility.

Lightening McQueen for example (an ex moderator) has made comments about enjoying the freedom to express opinions regarding certain vendors now that hes "on the other side". That kind of implies that quite understandably, there's something of an us and them culture. How can there not be ?

Only yesterday Counter Violent made a comment about giving up his moderator position should a particular ex member be reinstated, in order to participate in what might be described as "a full and frank exchange of views". It seams to me that he would NOT be comfortable engaging in that type of debate as a moderator.

I do think that occasionally views that are expressed publicly and privately do differ, but then again, that probably applies to all of us at one time or another.
This certainly throws up some challenges for moderation. As you'll know, a general principle of moderation is independence and these thoughts do make that seem impossible to achieve fully.

Perhaps it can't be but it is certainly food for thought as we try and increase the moderation resource.


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That's what I expected Choccie. It's so hard to make money trading that finding someone who is profitable is almost an impossible task, obviously there are many 'profitable' mentors to choose from :loadofw@nksmiley: but finding a profitable trader is a needle in a haystack. One of the hardest things to overcome is actually having the belief that it is actually possible to make money trading with all the negativity out there on the internet, possibly one of the biggest benefits of finding the 'needle' would be someone able to display their ablity to make consistent profits and quash any doubts that a newb would have.
Hey, I have been reading your posts with interest. If you want to follow profitable traders just come over to lord flasheart thread 'live trade calls and general chat'. We post all our trades and reasons for doing so in real time so totally transparent.
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