should I stay in this trade?


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Well either the price drop was due to low Euro reflecting on earnings


One may conclude exceptionally low euro boost exports


it's a conspiracy and somebody knew about this crash in advance. :?:

possibly, possibly and possibly. my general train of thought is the declining euro is boosting exports over the long term at the moment.

checkout my trading journal and if you have an opinion on my recent watch list it would be appreciated


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The trade took a further dive today wiping me out of the position. Didn't help the company that one of their planes crashed in France today RIP.

On a technical note I should take the hint that a sharp drop after this signal is a sign to get out, and maybe in the future move my stop loss up to friday's low

odd, your trend line hasn't been broken and yet you still got out adding another (steeper) trend line..are you really just looking for a reason to have exited.

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I would stay in. There is a slight downside to come before it hits support. Will complete the downmove in the next two weeks and then continue on up.

Keep watching.


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Yes I am out of the stock at the moment as I don't like tying up capital in a drawback.

I'll watch the euro too as I've read the recent rally might affect German exports, even though Germany has a strong underlying economy at the moment. Hopefully it is short lived and BMW will continue its uptrend.
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