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Help Folks, Does anyone have sharescope and have a broadband connection. Ive just been connected to AOL broadband. Following their instructions I am now using their external modem. My internal modem is now disconnected. Of course in the past my share price updates came through my internal modem with ease. Needless to say I cant update my sharescope data. Read through the Sharescope info and I have a feeling it may be possible if I press the right buttons. But being an I.T. plonker the terminology is jibberish to me. Can anyone help. I cant do my homework for tomorrow.
Regards Norman
Hi ZigZag,

It's just IP. Make sure IE is set to never dial out.

On ShareScope Options, Comms menu make sure the update method is set to Internet and not modem...

Jonny T
Thats a pint I owe you Jonny. I spent 2 Hours wasting my time going through different settings. I called AOL & their solution was to add another home locator for my internal modem. I was about to go through this procedure when I thought I would try the friendly experts on T2W. God, dont you just love this site.
Thanks again . Norman