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does anyone know any decent uk financial chat rooms where people can chat online while the markets are open because
the one on this website is always empty. ive been to which is very good however its really only suited to us traders.




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Its about time someone brought up this subject...

Trading is a highly personal thing.

And having a room full of people talking about the weather or similar irrelevant stuff isn't helpful.

Even people entering such rooms and saying hello can be distracting. I think your find that most successful traders focus on the markets rather than whats going on in a chat room !

The trouble with chat rooms is that everyone is trading different things and different strategies.

The best chat rooms i have seen are ones where very little is said except by a few main traders. But they are US based and i mainly trade UK stocks. A good chat room should be mainly quiet except for detailed financial chat.

Whats needed is a few small chat rooms with only a few people in them trading the same stuff with similar ways of trading.

I'm interested in one and they can be easily set using AIM where if you know of another trader who trades the same way you can invite them into the room.

An example of a good room would be where everyone was trading CM's DOW strategy or NB's Forex Strategy

I could open one up for UK stocks if any full time traders are interested.



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ColinRiche, I might be interested in the Forex idea for the mornings as I mainly trade the Dow in the afternoon. I am on AOL too.


thanks for your reply colin. the reason i have made this post is that i have been in an extremely good financial chat room which is dedicated for foreign exchange and, similarly to your comments, it works well because it consists of a core group of traders who meet up everyday.

although people are trading different things using different strategies im sure that many people trade in similar areas too such as FTSE or dow indicies.

but in addition to this what makes the forex chat room that i have been in so useful is that people can highlight certain trends to each other in real time that you may have missed, we all bring in news from the main financial news sources and post it for everyone to see which combines everyones research together, and we can also get a feel for the overall sentiment as to what people are thinking in real time.

if anyone is interested in setting up a room or joining a room please send a post in this thread and maybe a few of us could set up a small group together




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To M&M and others not in the know i'm not on AOL, i use AIM which is free at and enter chat room Forex

I'm not sure if you can enter that room from AOL i think you may have to use AIM as well


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OK, just assumed as you mentioned AIM that you were on AOL, forgot that you didn't need AOL for AIM - Mental note to self, never assume anything, it just makes an Ass out of U & Me!
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