Scam Ace-?


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Information from the Police.

If you receive a call on your mobile phone from under NO circumstances answer it, kill call ASAP.
If the call is answered it will erase both the IMEI and IMSI codes from your handset. You will not be able to log on to your network and will require the purchase of a new phone.

The above has been confirmed by Motorola and Nokia
This sounds a complete hoax to me - any serious warning will ALWAYS have a reference source. This one doesn't, so perhaps April Fool's Day has come early. :D

'Information from the Police' yeah, right
'confirmed by Motorola and Nokia' yeah, right

Well, with these three mentioned, it must be legit, eh? Fools!
'Information from the Police' yeah, right
'confirmed by Motorola and Nokia' yeah, right

Information was via an internal communication within Goverment Agency.
And the Govenment Agency was ...? What is the reference?

By 'an internal communication within Government Agency', you mean a wet-behind-the-ears secretary working in some office with nothing better to do, decided to send on a spurious email so that as many people as possible could then have their emails clogged up with this rubbish? Oh, and don't forget ... YOU the taxpayer is paying for it all! Hahahaha

When the Police is mentioned, are we talking plods or the old pop group? :D