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Dec 10, 2001
Bishops Stortford Herts
Subject: scam affecting ladies, thought may be of an interest

We have just received this e-mail, taken from the Chamber of Commerce
> newsletter.
> We have been informed of the following scam, which is targeting females in
> particular. They receive a phone call from the Post Office asking them to
> confirm their postcode. When this is given, they are told that they have
> become eligible for some gift vouchers for their co-operation and are asked
> to provide their home address and postcode in order to receive the
> vouchers.
> So far 90% of the women who have provided this information have been
> burgled, as it is assumed that their homes are empty during office working
> hours. The police are aware of this scam and the Post Office have
> confirmed
> that they are NOT conducting any postcode surveys.
> Also, it has been reported if you receive a telephone call from an
> individual who identifies him/herself as being an AT & T service Technician
> who is conducting a test on that line, or if anyone else asks you to do the
> following DON'T. They will state that to complete the test the recipient
> should dial nine, zero (90) then the hash key and then hang up. This will give
> them full access to your phone line, which allows them to place long
> distance, international or chat-line calls. These are then billed to your
> account. The information which the police have suggested that many of
> these
> calls are emanating from local prisons. The information has been checked
> out by the police and is correct DO NOT PRESS 90 FOR ANYONE.
> Would anyone reading this please pass it on to friends and colleagues
> etc...
> otherwise it could cost someone a lot of money.