SB, Fixed odds, Options, Futures, Shares?


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I am an economics graduate (so i know my way around the marketsfairly well) and am eager to start trading. However as i am just starting out i have fairly limited funds and am unsure as to which area of trading i should try first. I have found normal share dealing quite hard to get decent returns out of whilst playing with limited capital (when you only have a couple of thousand to play with broker fees taxes and spreads require huge market moves to break even when trading short term trends). SB appeals to me however most companies require a level of assets (which i don't have) in order to set up account. Fixed odds, i have made good money out of this and with limited capital required seems the best option, however i have been informed by other people that fixed odds companies are "financial bookies") and in the long run odds are against you, i have even heard rumours they cancel "successful" clients accounts?!
Options and futures, although i understand the theories and principals of them have never experimented with them, are they worth getting into?

I would greatly appreciate anyone's opinion on the best trading method to use to capitalise on short term maket moves with only a modest amount of capital

thanks all


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Spread betting isn't the devil it's made out to be.
Go to or and you will get full info on how it works, a demo account to play with and an idea of how much capital is required to start.
Do not go in undercapitalised!!!!
Do however take full advantage of the demo account until you think you know what you are doing and how their system works.
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