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Is this stock about to change trend? There's much to say it can do so fairly soon. RSI is beginning to rise, MACD is crossing over, 14-day slow-stochastics show %K over %D, money flow is recovering, 5-day sma is converging with the 10-day sma, the share-price has recently gone through the upper Bollinger band, possibly signalling a change of trend. The next point of resistance is not until about £3.75, so there could be sufficient upside to warrant going long this share. Any views would be appreciated. Paul.
Paul I 've got mixed feelings about this one.- Are you sure about Upper BB?last crossing up was Nov 2000. I also make moneyflow= 0.Velocity is starting a downtrend...The price is in a down trend channel approching upper resistance @ 331.On balance I'd have to say wait. price steady today @ 320/321. The volumes are also low, influencing accurate TA.

Thanks for the swift reply. The price went up through the lower BB. ( not the upper) but on previous occasions when it has done so in the last 5 months, this has signalled a trend change from down to upwards. According to iii, the money flow has started to pick up though admittedly little trading today. Where does one find the velocity indicator by the way...or does this come from the volume rate of change. Thanks again. Paul.
Velocity is specific to the AIQ charting package.It is basically a momentum indicator,measuring the rate of change of a price using the least squares method.velocity has just peaked, and is on a downward cycle.......