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Can anyone explain in easy to understand english the following

Fast & Slow Stochastic
SMA lines what is best 5 & 14 day?
Bollinger Bands

I have read lots on these but still a bit puzzled when trying to read them.


Thanks for all your help everyone I have been doing my homework this weekend, nearly crosseyed

Has anyone taken any of Tom Hougaards classes. I have done loads of studying but I just need some confirmation that I am going in the right direction. Will this help.
Best way I think to learn is to trade with actual money.. start off with tiny positions... trading psychology accounts for 80% of trading.. reading trading in the zone by Mark Douglas
I went on one of Toms seminars last year when he was still with Finspreads.
He is very enthuseastic about trading. He uses mainly market geometry. In other words, Gann, Elliott wave & Fibonacci retracements and cycles.

Seems to work for him, but from my point of view, taking Fibonacci as an example, there are so many highs and lows to calculate retracements from my graphs are covered in lines and I`m long/short/long/short/long/short for a net gain of thrupence halfpenny and cost of three squillion!

But as with all methods it you may very well be that you can reverse the P/L figures I got.

Having said that he`s a very nice man trading the markets the best way he knows how, and I would never knock him for that. Give him a try, he doesn`t charge stanzione money, that`s for sure.
just scrolling through the site and found this. I run seminars which is aimed at teaching the trader to make money every day. It is not my style to advertise for free, so I wont tell you where it is. If you are interested, I am sure you can figure it out yourself.

But I would like to help you Steve.

Fibonacci: Steve, first of all, you are right that you can have about a million different lines on your chart which all shows various levels of ratios. But that will not making you a penny!!!!!

you need something more to validate your signals. I use geometry, others use momenum indicators......

Take a look at the chart that I have attached

Dont underestimate Fibonacci ratios.I have learnt that if you have knowledge and you are selective you can win at almost anything. It is when you want to be a Jack of all trades and take on everything without knowledge that things go wrong.

Get a plan and stick with it if it works. Everything has to be hands on where you maintain control.


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Yes Tom runs a seminar in association with Ta****l Trader (no advertising) in Southampton. The next one is on the 12th July and is £500 bats, I sure if you send Tom an e-mail he will give all the necessary info.

Tom you will have to do a seminar in association with Trade2win,
much better site than T-trader :D

Cheers a320
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I don't do mass seminars, max 10 people......

reason is I want to make 100% sure that every single person understands what I am talking about, and understand what they have to do. I know I can get the message through if there are only a handful or so people there. I have tried seminars at City but I know that many walk away with unanswered questions...

The price is peanuts compared to what you will make with an understandingf of structure and geometry. I would LOVE to charge Vince prices, but I am not sure anyone would attend. I am simply not as glamorous :rolleyes: how much does he charge these days?

I dont know about John Bartlets seminars, but I know John, sound bloke with good values...For him and for me, well that is almost the most important thing for me, is that when you walk away from the seminar, you feel like on cloud 9 ( or is it 7, I always get these English sayings wrong ) and you know what to do in your preparation for the trading day and you know that you know that you will make money....If I have too many in the room, I will lose that control.....

Well, anyway, i will not advertise, but i think this has turned into one anyway, so I will issue a warning. This is not a Holy Grail, it is not a get-rich-easy, it is the end of the end. If you dont like to work hard and have big goals, stay well clear. If you are not prepared to spent hours of understanding and knowing you understand, then this is not for you...simple as that....

oh, and another is not trend following, it is not swing is day--trading, making money day after day

nuff said, I think.....
I believe it is £2906 inc VAT Tom - Last time I checked! Thanks for the kind words. It is my belief that anyone who can afford those prices (a) needs a quack to look at his/her head and secondly can never get ahead (unless very lucky) because they must bet in £10-20 per point to try and recover the cost of the courses. Thats no way to start to trade (unless of course you'r rich) you will always be chasing! Start Min 50p per point, you have got to win or lose something that matters - 100 points is £50 thats a takeaway Indian for 4 - It matters! 1p per point and paper trading - useless!! £10 - £20 to start - Byeee!!! Don't even think you have cracked it untill you have 12 months regular trading under your belt first - It's not easy - but learn the Basics - forget the Hype and prepare for hard work! you may win through.
Some(quite a few) of the people attending my workshops are traders who have spent £3,000 on courses, and they come to me to learn and relearn the basics. References supplied (but not here) - John B
WOW, that is a lot of money for a seminar. ~Has anyone here been on one of those seminars? I would love to hear what was being taught.

I often get the question: why do you want to do trading seminars, if you can just make money yourself? Isn't the fact that you do trading seminars a testiment to the fact that you can't trade yourself?

The answer is not as straight forward as you may think. Take for example my own mentor and trading teacher ( in fact I got two of them ). One of them has traded markets for 30 years and is the author of 6 trading books. I am very honoured and flattered that he wants to teach me, he is certainly not doing it for the money, and believe me, he can trade like I have never seen anyone trade. My other trainer teaches me day to day stuff. He has been a S&P pit trader since the beginning of that contract. He is a great inspiration to me and is without doubt the best day trader you will ever meet in your life. He is not doing it for the money either. He likes to teach those who are keen and willing to learn.

My third teacher is a private trader on Wall Street who has run mutual funds for 40 years. I only talk to him via e-mail. He is the one who guides me on the more escoteric sides of trading. What ALL these have in common is that they are all very wealthy and have absolute no need to trade. So why do they teach? not for the money, but for the love of it.

When I was hired by City, no one told me to do seminars. I just love to inspire others and help them along. I get a tremendous boost when I hear someone tell me that they made money out of something that I taught him or her. Why the heck do you think I am posting here? You guys already have CMC accounts and most of you are already hardcore traders. I do it because like you, I love to share...

Look at chartman, who I have had the pleaseure of talking to, why is he doing it....he loves to share ( incidently, I am trying to persuade chartman to come to City for a free seminar one evening together with myself. )

Anyway, you are probably all in bed or in the pub....only sad gits like your truly look at charts on a Satuday night.....

Tom, would a read of Miner, Gilmore, Fischer and Prechter's works help before attending one of your seminars?
And for light weekend reading, the works of Pesavento and Carolan?

Please point me in the right direction if I'm barking up the wrong tree!! :D

Least I'm not the only sad git looking at charts this time!!! :cheesy:

Cheers a320.
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This is the advertising thread!
I went to Mr Charts for 1-2-1 coaching US shares intraday and have been profitable ever since, what does that prove,1-2-1 is the thing to do and it worked for me, maybe others, check out
I know Richard doesn't advertise, doesn't need to, posts here sometimes, is booked solid months ahead, what does that tell you?
Why am i saying this?, he coached me and changed my life and i appreciate that more than i can tell you, say no more or I'll sound like all the advertisers here ;-0
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MartinWalker, fantastic, just remember it was YOU who did it...well done

A320, I can't recommend Miner and Prechter has been bearish since 1987..
thanks mate, but Richard guided me and i basically cleared my mind of everything else, absorbed what he said, applied his rules, methods, special techniques, management etc etc and when i stick to them like a leech i earn profits nearly every day, it must be his ways, not me, but i do what he told me and it works, yeah i'd like to think it was all me, but you've got to be realistic ;-0
not just me, a mate of mine and i can see others reading carefully
nuff said, i think.....;-0
I agree with Tom about Fibonacci.But the strongest moves for me have always been on Nasdaq stocks when they've reached these levels.

Once you've arrived at a level, for me you need your level 2 direct access screen.

Firstly you are able to trade with anyone that makes a price and not just one third party market maker that might decide to move its quote against you at the wrong moment.Next you are able to see the players setting themselves up for the next move before any t/a indicators show it and finally your executions can be carried out at lightspeed.

At some stage we all need to trade our positions, level 2 Nasdaq direct access gives traders the edge to see, execute and manage their positions with an advantage that others can only dream about.

I believe having the confidence in your trading platform at these opportune moments gives many traders whatever their standard the confidence to excel even more.

T2W offers Nasdaq level 2 courses on their homepage.Every trader is at a different standard and 1-2-1 tuition allows each individual to extract the very most from the course.At £345 for the day one could say it was very good value for money.