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Firstly, I must declare an interest in this share which I hold...the following is the T.A. as I see it. Main points are: 1. 14-day K over D ( fast ). 2.14-day RSI up. 3. OBV steady but not high. 4. Macd about to cross over. 5. Converging SMA's, 50,20,10,&5. 6. 2 blues and one red, last three big volume bars, the buyers/holders in control. 7.Great support at 70p. 8. New trend line 62 to 72p. 9. Last rise 62 to 78p was 16p. 10. 16p=72p to 88p looks on the cards IMHO. No investment advice intended. Paul Perryman. P.S. Any views on how quickly you think this rise will be achieved/ it will not be achieved or will fall, will be of interest to many, I think. An interesting share. Paul Perryman.
I agree with most of that, except I make the OBV trend downwards.The price is also forming a bullish triangle.
Notice the price is also sitting on a longterm trend line from 36p on 26/05 00 touching 45p on 02/08/00 and 64p on 21/12/00.
There is another support line, that was resistance, running from 45p on 02/06/00 to 61p on 05/01/01.
I favour the first support line, regarding the latter as secondary.
Looks good.