Return to the fold


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Phew!!!!! After a long absence, glad to see the Board is as thriving as ever. Congratulations on the latest layout, no doubt due the efforts of Paul, Martin and all the other stalwarts who have been here from the early days.

Having elected to get out of the markets, I felt it would be inappropriate to make comments on this or any other Board. However, I feel things are beginning to settle down somewhat for me to dip my toe in the water again, and therefore hopefully make a contribution to the one and only B.B., so far as I am concerned.

Looking forward to seeing both old and new aquaintances along the road to success.

Uncle-Hey! My man! I though you had disappeared into the Great Stock Market in the sky :( Nice to see you back and a very warm welcome. Strangely enough,I was only wondering about you the other day. As you can see, we have turned into a thriving community with over 500 members now. We have a great list of regular contributors, offering a wide range of experiences.
With the return of Uncle and Cookie to the board i'm wondering how many other market participants this recent rise has attracted back into the fray.

I'm reminded of Jimmy Goldsmith who on entering a lift was asked by the lift boy at what level the market was trading at.He got out of the lift and promptly sold all his stock.He reasoned if the market had got that popular we were due for a fall.He was spot on.

Now the time to get interested on the long side was when there was doom and gloom a few weeks ago and the Nasdaq made that island reversal.The overall long term trend of the Nasdaq is still down and it makes you wonder if what we're seeing is a bear market rally.I'd like to see a serious pullback and support of this last leg up before i feel weve turned the corner.But who knows?

Welcome back guys.
Thanks for the welcome back Guys, have had a toe in the water over the last couple of months and made some nice returns. I am still not confident to make any long term term trades, but there are definately opportunites so long as one is prepared to take profits as they arise. Two of which have proved very successful, CCH which i have cashed and JPR which i am still holding, both in excess of 33%.

Whilst I have noted some spectacular increases, such as TWT, I would not advocate holding any longer than necessary. I doubt we will see prices reaching the heady heights of the past, for some considerable time to come, and the markets will continue to be volatile, which for the short term trader gives opportunities to grasped.

Remember my HOBBY HORSE............STOP LOSS is the watchword!!!
Uncle, I think I'll join the bandwagon and sneak back into the fold un-noticed (this should be easy for me, as I haven't posted that much in the past).

Excellent new site (was it Pigsy?), and good to see the board thriving.

Wish I hadn't sold my New Look at 111!