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Global financial market is the most outstanding of the stock futures foreign exchange market analysts, can be applied to own R & D of mathematical group theory based on accurate mapping out the financial model: domestic and foreign varieties in any future stock futures any time (to Ji Nian Ji Geyue optional ) of the market curve, mapping out the future price curve corresponds to the time marked price, and the next occurrence of the actual price curve fitting of high level (people who read all Kuangyun 100 years!).
Some people have asked me, said I like the bible as the forecast models simply can not understand it, never heard of who can see the future of the market curve. I say this one is not good at mathematics! My prediction model is the establishment of a time reversal conjugate transform the correspondence between the relativistic perfect establishment of the conjugate space to complex space-time interval of mold side and the two mathematics and physics, respectively, the invariant coordinate transformations correspond does not mean that we could return! ! ! Now the mainstream financial theory is not the future of the market that it could not be determined, but due to the inadequacy of mathematical tools (such as who received the Nobel Prize for Economics ARCH unsolvable differential prediction model because the bottleneck limited to, Oh, so far only to a "Stronghold, the mirror on," but useless!!!)

Career goals:

Beyond Wall Street's "rocket scientists" for the development of your company, offer advice on a better future.
I really appreciate the American physicist A. Heat of saying: "The world can end the United States and simple to understand, the United States means that symmetry." The high number of freshman class, my teacher said: "The essence of mathematics is the United States. "I was left-handed sticks his chin, right hand resting on a tennis racket on the net can see the following shooting by pressing a turn of the" Pauli Physics "books look rotten. I stood up and said: "Beauty is that the symmetry of quantum mechanics, symmetry is mathematically one can understand the symmetry group." The students laughed. But Stern, a teacher said: "Huang Guanghui students is a mathematical genius! Unfortunately, you learn in chemistry. However, Prigogine is also engaged in chemical, still won the Nobel Prize, so glorious to you, then your future will like rainbows in the sky as bright. "Today, years later I still remember the teacher saying these words, I am looking live teacher, because I finally saw the strange behind the global financial markets that the misty future! ! ! I think of it, there is a song called "Invisible Wings," Miss Zhang Shaohan sing. I found the computer the song, the song echoed with, "I finally fly ......"

Summary / Study Abroad

Current Industry: education and training research institutions
Current Occupation: Analysis of Investment Management and Research Consultants

Are Career Level: decision-making (CEO, EVP, GM ...)

Desired Salary: Negotiable
Current Salary: pre-tax salary dollars RMB40000

Target Industry:

Securities and Futures Investment Fund
Target Job:

Analysis of Investment Management and Research Consultants

Expect the nature of work: full-time, part-time
Look forward to working areas: Hong Kong, Liaoning, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai

Job Date: interview
Overseas Experience: No

Work experience

Dandong City, Liaoning Province, School ****

May 1994 - present

Location: Dandong City
Job duties and performance:


Shenyang, Dalian, medium-term futures brokerage business department

Chief market analyst
February 2005 - July 2007

Location: Dalian, Dandong
Job duties and performance:

Domestic and international futures market analysis and forecasting. With "futures practitioners credentials." Futures market analysis and forecasting with the Dalian Bohai futures companies, involved in Dalian soybean, soybean meal, Shanghai copper, Hujiao and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock, LME copper, NYMEX crude oil, COMEX gold, CBOT soybean futures and other related domestic and international stock exchange markets of various kinds At the same time in the company where the China International Futures Brokerage Company's Web site to open up the "brilliant read the tape" column, accurately predicting the Dalian soybean, soybean meal, Shanghai copper, Hujiao, LME copper, CBOT soybean futures and other related domestic and foreign varieties short and long-term trends, market analysis and forecast of its professional standards has been widely recognized and praised.
Main results:

Period in the company, I have very accurately predict the in November 2004 to the spring of 2005 mid-term Dalian soybean futures market trend, and apply their own financial inversion model mapping out a precise curve of the coming year, market volatility was companies and customers as China's Soros (Soros wrote a book called "Walking in the stock curve in front of people"), thunderous applause. On this basis, I was hired as business department chiefs sales office in Shenyang, Dalian interim chief market analyst, laid in the domestic futures market analysis I predict the strength and position of the field.

Wuhan Mailyard futures broker

Futures market analyst
March 2003 - May 2006

Location: Dandong City, Liaoning Province
Job duties and performance:

Domestic and international futures market analysis and forecasting. With "futures practitioners credentials." Market analysis and forecast results to the top.

Dalian Bohai futures broker

Futures market analyst
April 2003 - May 2005

Location: Dalian
Job duties and performance:

Domestic and international futures market analysis and forecasting. With "futures practitioners credentials." Dalian futures market analysis and forecast related to soybeans, soybean meal, Shanghai copper, Hujiao and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock, LME copper, NYMEX crude oil, COMEX gold, CBOT soybean futures and other related domestic and international stock exchange markets of various varieties, and have opened up the company's Web site "brilliant look at the market," column, once a day, quite accurately predicting the Dalian soybean, soybean meal, Shanghai copper, Hujiao and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock, LME copper, NYMEX crude oil, COMEX gold, CBOT soybean futures and other related domestic and foreign stock exchange Various species of short-term market trends, business development for the company has played a positive role in promoting, by the company and customers.
Main results: far beyond the peer level! ! ! Bohai Sea, Dalian and Shenyang for several companies during the mid-term I see a headline reading: "the Shanghai 50 Index Singapore stock market in China conduction effect." Conduction means "minds think alike", it means manipulating remote control market. I am the person the company said the financial market is a chaotic system, according to chaos synchronization theory, I could combine my time and space inversion model to build a new investment Cheats. They Shanxiao Zhao said that I can market the next year mapping out the curve, there is still Sha brilliant idea, huh? I pointed to computer market curve is such a thing, you know Ha, I Huang Guanghui inversion model of space-time existence of a law, that is, ak = b, that is, space inversion occurred only two market shape of the curve the same market, and the price of the corresponding time period there is ak = b relationship. Where a, b are the two market's closing price, k in the two quotes is constant during the time and space inversion, is a constant. They said they knew how, or listen to my market manipulation Cheats is Gesha brilliant idea. I said I think this matter of months, and now want better. Tell you, that you find in the market to a more than ten million shares outstanding, billions of large cap, I Huang Guanghui gave you through the inversion model in the market to find a match with the broader market shares only float caps several hundred million shares of super-small cap stocks, you should be aware of Kazakhstan, only super-small cap and large cap that had been each other's space-time inversion, the inversion during the existence of ak = b price relationship, and k is set value unchanged. Good gig, now that you come up with a few corners to only a few hundred million shares outstanding, super-small cap stocks and complete control disk (Zuozhuang), called the small cap shares how to get how to get it, just like the puppet hanging wire. Next you have the only super-large cap on tens of millions to hundreds of millions of secretly Jiancang shares, then do not remember the cost of the poor to very tall wild small cap stocks pull 10 daily limit, Oh, I Huang Guanghui would say, at this time the market something will happen 100 years that you Kuangyun miracle, a miracle meant the super-large cap actually have "minds think alike" and automatically followed the streak of 10 daily limit! Although you pay a small cap mad pull something a little money, but in the super-large cap on the have made a lot of money! ! After listening to my words, the company of those few people excited plummeted from the boss chair carpet it! ! ! I Chuluanbujing still continue to encourage the manipulator of the ground a few friends: "You should be out of Asia to the world, hehe, in the global stock of foreign exchange and stock index futures and other stock futures market to show their talents with my approach for the country Huang Guanghui glory Ha!!! "Zaiyi Kan these people have woven excitement, not to speak.

Shanghai Jinyuan Futures Brokerage Company

Futures market analyst
February 1997 - May 1999

Location: Shanghai
Job duties and performance:

Domestic and international futures market analysis and forecasting. I, as usual, or engage in futures market analysis and forecasting, involving the then Dalian soybean, soybean meal, SHFE, LME copper Hujiao and, NYMEX crude oil, COMEX gold, CBOT soybean futures market all relevant domestic and foreign varieties. The company's general manager of Shanghai Futures maintained one-way contact with me, hotline phone calls, just as the same is true of information workers. Based in Shanghai, General Manager Think globally, often in the middle of the night I was asked to forecast the U.S. COMEX copper market, accurately predicted the day's ups and downs still not finished, but also predicted the market for the next few months the trend curve. This time I started with the domestic futures industry had extensive contacts in the end for the subsequent years the number of institutional market analysts do not remember, anyway now my family has saved a stack of sub-market analysts employed, while some I declare to employ a number of years, I have an indication of temporary employment, there are fax, there are handwritten, even more ridiculous is a company boss said, I do insist that a letter of appointment ah? Said his company like a guerrilla, as might be some day to disband, and give me letters of appointment are also not useful. I had to Shanxiao Zhao said, well, anyway, less than 3,000 yuan a month I will not provide you service. I said, I am the Northeast, but I'm not Huolei Feng, Lei Feng has also earned allowance for that year too!
Main results:

Long story short, the correct prediction of 10 7,8 times, well beyond the peer level! ! !

Speaking of the peer that we are relying on peer "day" to eat, where "day" refers to the futures market environment, that is, the heat of the futures market. One night a phone call to the company's boss said: "Copper did not have to do." I know the market is over, I told the company's employment relationship will be over. Oh, I predicted this really is the standard, but the market is not predictable, but predicted the employment relationship.

Futures brokerage firm in Central Asia in Hainan

Futures market analyst
October 1996 - December 1997

Location: Beijing
Job duties and performance:

I told the company in the new era, like engaging in futures market analysis and forecasting, involving the then Beijing mung bean, mung bean, Zhengzhou, Dalian soybean, soybean meal, Shanghai copper, Hujiao and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock, LME copper, NYMEX crude oil, COMEX gold, CBOT soybeans relevant domestic and international stock futures foreign exchange markets all varieties. The Asian Games Village in the company hid a ruthless manipulator really called, is basically doing is self-drive, I would have up to middle of the night of futures market forecast. In fact, I was forecasting, not to mention analysis. Manager said that why they hired me, because I do not speak that **** Huang Guanghui birds than technical analysis, specifically to the real is to see today's market is up or down? Bullish or bearish on the middle? Manager said, they do not want to study which way I use the immortal prediction method, also could not understand my method, I would fancy a word - "quasi!"
Main results:

Asian Games Village in the company's sales department, I was quite accurately predicted the Beijing mung bean, mung bean, Zhengzhou, Dalian soybean, soybean meal, Shanghai copper, Hujiao various species such as the futures market price the day and the band, especially on Hainan year rubber futures forecasts of many successful examples. Zai this period, my own financial models already have the basic concept, and encourage the interest us in Beijing to develop several software issues. I found an old poem, evil company in Beijing, I must take the financial model of cyclic matrix and other details of the first to tell them, they would consider cooperation with me. I have shortness of breath, and say to your mother, I do not get a still does not work it? I deeply sinister experience to the lakes. I think of our futures circles of people, which we are to kill Bobo, groups fought Hope "money" customers want to wear it, and kill the batch after batch, and kill the city's customers have increasingly scarce Beijing has , busy for a few years of the futures at low tide problem, I went back to Dandong Huang Guanghui CULTIVATION it!

Beijing New Era futures broker

Futures market analyst
October 1994 - October 1996

Location: Beijing
Job duties and performance:

Futures market analysis and forecasting, involving the then Beijing mung bean, mung bean, Zhengzhou, Dalian soybean, soybean meal, Shanghai copper, Hujiao and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock, LME copper, NYMEX crude oil, COMEX gold, CBOT soybean futures and other related domestic and international stock exchange markets of various species and in the development strategy of the company's proprietary varieties manipulator. Weekly market forecast report, focusing on long-term trends judged, taking into account forecast stock price movements. During his tenure at the company, many predict that the Beijing mung bean, mung bean, Zhengzhou, Dalian soybean, soybean meal, Shanghai copper, Hujiao and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market all Pinzhong the Change Band, self-operating businessmen for the year the company has played a positive success impetus has been praised as chairman, "Huang Guanghui teacher is the best market analyst."
At work, I can at any time according to the company's requirements analysis and forecasting for specific varieties, and can be predicted ahead of next week's market trend curve (marked day of ups and downs), to be known as the futures industry peers, "Huang master." In fact, that year my Prediction is topologically conjugate according to the theory of space-time, but no one can understand, I only do not say, I know that achievements are far greater than the sermon. Then I came to Beijing by plane from Dandong, Beijing shrouded in the warm autumn sun on. Sitting in a chair looking out at the company's boss, hazy sky, I'm like in a dream, a dream that they have become the heroes of futures circles, really a cool name! But when I Chibian after a Beijing restaurant was the size of the "all good things come to an end", and later the company collapsed, the army, division, I like an underdog, like the Asian Games Village in Hainan to join the Central Asian futures companies - continuing to do market analysis division line of business. Fortunately, when I was a little fame, or have to leave Beijing for home woven.


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Educational Background

Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology
September 1984 - July 1988

Organic Chemical | Chemistry | Undergraduate | Shenyang
Professional Description:

A child who I admire the most is the great leader Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao to Deng's forte is to change the world (hehe, then know that the world is mathematical in N-dimensional space). Elderly obstinately to a disaster-ridden old China has successfully transformed into a socialist new China. I was determined to follow him to change the world the glorious old footprint laughed forward, first thought was to break the second law of thermodynamics and the invention of a perpetual motion machine for the benefit of native people (then often closes power outage). My determination comes from the story of Maxwell wizard. This wizard is said confined space through the switch valve to break the shackles of the second law of thermodynamics. Third-year junior high school I did not succeed, but I know the wizard is beautiful. Sophomore when I change the world's attention turned to the next class a beautiful, full of confidence to get her transformation into his girlfriend. Unfortunately, missed opportunities to learn too tight. Later, in college, the transformation of the world's attention to Everbright. Freshman from the nineteenth century when Australia was once obsessed chemist invented the pendulum carbaryl tired ideas Seoul experiment. I was ready with ideas to put right in front of the single-turn around, turn reverse (swing), were impatient school. Taught general physics teacher surprise I said: "This is your brain's ideas of space and space gravity pendulum had equivalent. But the equivalence of the two spaces involved in mathematical group theory. Said than done. "I racked their minds with math talent search group theory, algebraic structure of finite groups, their confidence comes from the words:" Mathematics is a skeleton. "hard to learn and not forget to search for beauty, unsuccessful. Until graduation day when the teacher ate San Huofan inspired students suddenly realized: "Shenyang not produce the original beauty!" The day after graduation teaching I saw in the books stand sits a book, Shandong University Department of Philosophy Professor Liu Dajun book, "Book of Changes Introduction. " This is an undergraduate textbook, Shandong University, said that students taught in the lecture theater is packed. I looked at the same heavenly signs Book of gossip whim, is not this the mathematics bone it? I laughed for a Book of gossip will be transformed into symbols of modern mathematics in the new long march of finite groups. Until the day of the establishment of group-based space-time inversion model of financial markets. I always cherish the memory of the great leader Chairman Mao's great achievements, my grades totally transform the world in his old macro was inspired by roughly achieved. I am now able to do, "the wind with me moving." Tell you, I say "wind" it was the misty future market volatility curve

Training experience

Futures Investment
September 2004

Certificate: "Futures Qualifying Certificate"

Languages and dialects

Mandarin Chinese: mother tongue


English Level: did not participate in

Language Level Description:

Professional skills and expertise

First "theory based on the financial market chaos password space inversion" results. According to the research results, Huang Guanghui teachers can accurately mapping out any financial services in global financial markets any time in the future (a few months to several years) the market trend curve.

Financial engineering papers now available "based on the theory of financial market chaos password space inversion" (authors: Huang Guanghui the full text of about 8,000 words on paper can provide the standard paper printed paper issued by e-mail attachments available). The paper attributes based on the financial market chaos and the theory of random conjugate space, drawing space-time chaotic cryptosystems breaking technology, profoundly reveals the chaotic time series prediction and space inversion symmetry transform abstract group contacts, creative application of algebraic topology and Takens Theorem Contact constructed space-time coordinates of two different inversion financial markets a "bridge" - a group of non-linear mapping transformation group. On this basis, the application of space power systems Chaotic symbol is proved that the non-linear mapping transformation group and the space-time chaos synchronization flow from the feedback function key stream cipher system equivalence. Inferior race as a breakthrough in the application of genetic algorithm to optimize the traditional cipher key premise of exhaustive attack techniques, can accurately and quickly search for matches the tested varieties in the past financial period under a specific time and space inversion occurred with specific financial services that investors can "advance" to see the varieties tested financial future market trend curve!
In mathematical group theory to the equivalence principle On my model:
A mapping between the two spaces are equivalent, if it is connected with space group action. The strictly defined as follows.
Definition: Let M and N is a manifold, G is a Lie group by the mapping M to M M on Ag role. N to N mapping from the role of N on Bg. Called the M to N, a smooth map f on the role of such change, if for all g belonging to G, we have f (Ag) = Bg (f), the manifold M and N are each other's space-time inversion.
Note: 1. Lie group is a Banach manifold G.
2. Manifold is locally linear space seemingly abstract surface.
3. Correspond Huang Guanghui financial model manifold M and N correspond to the two mutually inverse of the price curve space-time (see "Apply letter" in the CBOT soybean futures contracts forecast the U.S. example).
Huang Guanghui accurate mapping out the future in recent years, the financial services market curves are:
The Shanghai Composite Index, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index, LME copper, NYMEX crude oil, COMEX gold, CBOT soybean futures and other related domestic and international stock exchange markets of various species.
So poem:

Chaos science and world wide
Long journey of financial engineering.
Chinese scholars Yong innovation
Dare to ask the world to see China!

Huang Guanghui teachers welcomed the large investors in person Co Dandong and I negotiated in person and exchange of academic achievement!


University diploma


Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology, Big graduate degree.

High School Teacher Certification



Futures practitioners Certificate


Unified by the China Futures Association examination was. Referred to as CFA certificate.


Favorite writer Wang Xiaobo's words: "text is used to read, is used to listen to, not with the look. To see as to see a comic." I was a high school. High school is not comic, I looked at the sunset on the playground to write a campus novel. Novel is called "drifting across the sun Yangcheng Shen." In recent years, becoming quiet mind, spare novel written in the computer for 18 million words. Over the middle age very miss college teachers and students of friendship, and I also stick to those in their circle in the domestic futures make friends, together with October 2, 2007 the day has finally established its own group theory based on mathematical space-time inversion of the financial market forecasting model, and wandering around the campus the excitement with the idea of writing a novel. I am still at home tonight before the computer writing this novel, the novel's content is to shadow and my college years in Stock perception of city life in the form of art as a spiritual time and space melt into. I left my computer looking out the window, the window is brilliant stars. Stars like my name, as in silent sway with ethereal glory. I booed the breath, to think of it as the house had to private hedge fund mapping U.S. NYMEX crude oil futures market next 9 months of volatility curve. CEOs said that the future price curve must be marked on the settlement price of each trading day. I said to the curve marked on the settlement price of the week every week is enough you use the. He smiled on the phone and told me I have the time then the U.S. Dow Jones index of the trend curve for the next 2 years out. I did not say anything put down the phone. I know that the future of the global financial market destined to tremble because of my endless reasons. Because I saw the wind.


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Appointment letter should be

Managing your station Kam
I am Huang Guanghui, a CFA certificate and 15 years of experience practicing futures market analysis and forecasting, financial markets with independent intellectual property rights temporal inversion model can be accurately mapped the world any stock, futures and foreign exchange in the next few months to several species years of market volatility curve, a mathematical group theory ideological breakthrough in the field of application of financial and investment results, forecast market conditions created a new era, the principle is based on the mathematics of group theory in the symmetry group. Symmetry group is SU (n) symmetry covariance principle of mathematical expression, that is for the points (x1, y1, z1, t1) Department and the symmetric point (x2, y2, z2, t2) Department of observers, will get the same observations, which can be points (x1, y1, z1, t1) Department, the state of the market, the market changes and market place to understand the phenomenon, to judge and speculate symmetric point (x2, y2, z2, t2) Office Market state, market changes and market phenomena occur. We can imagine that setting the time t2 is April 24, 2009, it is today. Today we'd like to see the United States next year CBOT soybean futures market volatility curve. Some may say this is impossible whimsical daydream, like 4 plus 5 equals 6, the same can not be. But if this person ask me, I will use my time and space inversion model of financial markets today, CBOT soybean futures U.S. to find a symmetry point in the past (x1, y1, z1, t1). You do not believe that Kazakhstan, the four-dimensional space, mapping out the past symmetrical points in our three-dimensional manifold (topological terms, refers to the local surface seemingly abstract linear space) is actually a stock of 600 Shanghai Stock Exchange ***, in which the time coordinates t1 May 24, 1998! ! From today back to the past! ! ! This is the four-dimensional space-time transformations and time reversal of financial markets. Speech is started against the United States today CBOT soybean futures market volatility next year even with the curve began May 24, 1998 600 *** a particular stock market curve is homotopy equivalent topological relationship! ! ! Non-mathematics major vernacular, that means you 600 *** stock in May 24, 1998 to May 1999 23, the daily chart between the coordinates of paper sheets Alley draw down, hehe, you Remember that we ought to, but today, in 2009 the matter, is not difficult to picture it? Well, then use the April 24, 2009 the United States CBOT soybean futures contract settlement price of a day divided by the May 24, 1998 closing stock price the day of 600 *** b, its business as k. Now to give you a job, in the daily charts of 600 *** and wrote: "The United States CBOT soybean futures contracts April 24, 2009 to April 23, 2010 Quotes on line map", hehe, "grafting "Work on the success of another! Have to in this "map" on the price bit ha! For example, you want to mark July 24, 2009 CBOT soybean futures contract settlement price of the day, Oh, and what is a simple Ha! April 24 to July 24 the number is 3 months in length. Then you again from May 24, 1998 3 next few months, the number to 24 August 1998, the day the stock's closing price of 600 *** c. 're Done, July 24, 2009 CBOT soybean futures contract settlement price on the day is equal to ck, the settlement date of the stock price is equivalent to 600 *** In the August 24, 1998 closing price multiplied by an equivariant diffeomorphism k. And so you can mark all CBOT soybean trading day next year's settlement price! Huang Guanghui way to good ha! ! I said some day if you get Zhang Shanghai Composite Index for the coming year chart posted on the Internet, do not have to drag than the others Andy Ha! ! ! Well, anyway, I am saying is bible, math is the bible, bible only person who can not see understand, then I Huang Guanghui it is human or a ghost? There is a song called "Ghost", it looks like the quantum physics wave-particle two of the same, as there is no need to study. Now I think of it, I want to give your company sent a resume, you want candidates to the chief market analyst for the development of your company to do their part. Specifically, my job responsibilities are:
No. 1: Construction of derivatives arbitrage strategies and mechanisms;
Second: the use of financial models an empirical test on market data;
Third: research, development and related series of derivatives financial engineering model;
Fourth: structured products research and development;
Fifth: Futures Fund Investment Strategy Development;
Sixth: the use of market transfer effect "Small is Big," to manipulate the market.
Note that I am not bragging Ha! People called teachers speak a word - really! I have to emphasize to your candidates, chief market analyst of benefits requirements:
First: the position you annual income of 100,000 yuan security at the end;
Second: cross four gold;
Third: The week day weekend;
Fourth: the dynamic work-time;
Fifth: year-end bonus;
Sixth: project bonus.
My request is based on the model beyond Wall Street, Mr. Simmons's investment strategy under the premise of the initiative. Renaissance helm helm of the model company for two consecutive years, Mr. Simmons revenue in the global hedge fund ranked first, 05 in 2006 were 1.5 billion and 17 billion dollars, 2.8 billion revenue in 2007 ranked third. Simmons performance from him as a mathematician on the market ahead of short-term market evolution "Copy", this short-term "copy" and my space-time inversion model of Huang Guanghui compared, Oh, just knives and spears is in now I Huang Guanghui Maxim heavy machine guns swept the hands of all the hail of bullets came against! So my welfare requirement is the embodiment of our national spirit of Lei Feng - who raised a dedication, the people of the teacher ethics is dedication. Here I would like to up the U.S. map on the academic Harare's famous statement: "less than a thousand words a picture." But I do not want to follow, "Lin Hai" in the little tinker Luan level. In order to please the little bandits, "Zuo Shandiao" presented a contact map. I am not a bandit, but I'm not Lei Feng, I am me, I'm coming to apply for your company's chief market analyst Huang Guanghui. In particular, I fancy that up "welfare requirements" in the "dynamic working time." I really do not need to lie down all day your boss chair, looking at the sun in a daze, looking at those who do not want on the front of the computer market curve in doing useful work. I want to be a Lonely Ye He, "exposure was non-being, was non other than detached." In your time of need to play to my strengths, the rest of the time I was in the playground with the students to play tennis, I have a "two knives flow "The tennis stunt, this stunt from the novel" Yangcheng Shen drifting across the sun, "the heroine Araki rainbow. Araki rainbow beauty of my heart, because I dimly saw her body at the university, that I gradually disappearing ethereal shadow.
"Do not know the true colors, only from within the mountain." Huang Guanghui you should know I care and thought. Only one person away from the market, away from earthly noise, Xinruzhishui quiet as daughter, only to finally realize the true meaning of the future market evolution. Notice, we are faced with financial market is full of a strange cunning the greatest and most cruel bloody gamble on earth! ! ! "Inaction" is the Huang Guanghui 10 years experienced the largest gains futures business, willing to take a distant friend of mutual encouragement and your boss! ! ! If your company is interested in the turbulent China of today's game in an invincible position, hire me Huang Guanghui is your best choice! ! ! You and I both know that time will prove everything, and I sincerely hope that we will never Huang Guanghui are friends! ! ! Because we are the heroes of futures circles are wandering in between heaven and hell real hero! ! ! Like God always bless us.
I have many years of market analysis in the practice of deeply realized that, to rely on the existing technical analysis and fundamental analysis to predict the future development of the market, as a group of Peking Man Wai, a single 19-inch LCD dual-core computers Why delve into this stuff hard to see the handsome guy in No regret, like singing and dancing. I rely on, the spirit of the old poem, a dedication, intelligence recognize us an excellent. I say good is this group of Peking Man were read in the University of evolution to know 4 +5 = 9, the (Oh, that 1 million years ago is definitely the shining postdoctoral it!). But we must know the real financial market is a four-dimensional space in a straight line in the real three-dimensional space, mapping, mapping of the result is an algebraic analytical type who does not have to read the non-linear curve. Not that we did not understand because we do not know 4 +5 = 6. Let me tell you, 6 = 9 is the true meaning of mathematical group theory! Understand why the mean 6 9 can guarantee that you will never do more than buy stocks to 6 yuan to buy 9 per sale, called the Exchange Kuangyun 100 years! My space-time inversion model is based on an innovative mathematics of group theory. Although China is said to truly understand the group theory, but a few dozen people, but now the traffic is convenient to a University Professor of Mathematics Department of Mathematics, ask the group theory to find what, huh, huh, by the way and then ask the "two-space is such a mapping between price, if it is linked with space group action "is what this sentence means, I think is not difficult. I ask everyone here is absolutely no return to university to study the same books that day the meaning of the mathematical group theory, but think I put a little genius in a high school some pity, so I write novels, to your company to the letter, We are all Chinese look at the brothers and I were on to a support, support means for no other, is to prove what a year of undergraduate study chemical can kick down band of waves in the international financial markets of Europe and the United States hedge funds for our Chinese Zheng Kouqi! Of course, the most the most important objective is to hire me Huang Guanghui companies make huge profits, the reverse would dare our retail operations and making them altogether Yi Jiaochuai to the Yalu River where the fish feed to the noodles! Fish is the specialty of noodles Dandong, Dandong is the individual United States short of the most beautiful water, the U.S. border town. Town's beauty is a spiritual place in people's pursuit of beauty Homomorphisms, fiction space show is mind, I still use the first person "I" writing a novel, the book is called "Sunshine Gone with the Wind Guo Shen Yangcheng "hero" I "is a university in Shenyang, the junior girls in financial mathematics, called Araki Hong, pay attention to Kazakhstan, Araki mathematics as the rainbow is a novel to read the mixed sex, smoking and drinking at school wine love to play tennis to read the novel "five poisons" taste. Discrete mathematics teachers to teach with instructors Xiu Mu Feifei Muda Xia accused Araki rainbow in the background is a witch, and called her boyfriend is a villain Wang urgent wind; Head, Hong Jin-Liang Wang thought that Araki is a mathematical genius, as her their daughter. Mixed beauty has fascinated the same rainbow Araki life experience, her mother's math teacher at Kyoto University in Japan, a shadow has been obsessed with the poet Xu among Japanese girls; father was hidden in a remote British Virgin Islands, the godfather of hedge funds ... .... Hong Araki summer vacation in the west of Beijing Fragrant Hill Hotel to see her after a long absence of the father. Miss Hong Araki said to a Chinese father ... .... Sunset that evening, Miss Hong Araki tightly nestled in his father's tall, strapping body and face filled with the happiest smile. Last night I was in the computer writing this novel, the past few years spare time has written 18 million words of the. Note that Ha, I said the years of work, including a market forecast to engage others to do. Want to see my book on to the phone, the relevant sections of free e-mail in the past, you cried after reading to ensure a cool! Shuang Huang Guanghui, now there is such Wenwuquancai as a high school teacher! Well, at market would be opened, and I still have the customer list, disrespectful shi ma shi ta before I finish here. Wang, general manager of your company to reply in time for the hope! Huang Guanghui the Yalu River look forward to hearing from you!

Shun Chi

Chun Kee

Huang Guanghui April 24, 2009 at noon grass in Dandong Yalu River.


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That resume is unbelievably long. Could do with taking some of the less useful information out.


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Chaos science and world wide
Long journey of financial engineering.
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I was left-handed sticks his chin, right hand resting on a tennis racket on the net can see the following shooting by pressing a turn of the" Pauli Physics "books look rotten.

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